Blockading Russia? US Interior Secretary’s Dangerous Threat

The US Secretary of the Interior told an audience in Pennsylvania recently that one option open to the US to slow Russian energy exports is a naval blockade. The Russian senate replied by stating the obvious: such a move would be an act of war. Why the threats and bluster? What’s the endgame?

Original Youtube video here.

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raplang gashnga

american should be asshame of themselve for interfearing other country's trade and comers.. remember this might lead to the greatest war mankind have ever seen…. americans plz let your leaders know that if their action leads to war , the whold united states would be responsible for the outcome…..


Our government is destroying its peoples reputation.

Boo Radley

Let's be friends.

Wisdom of Nod!

We need to execute ALL of our national leaders. Now. They are traitors driving us to destruction. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!!!

Serge Stodolnik

Old idiot completely lost his mind.

Pai Ganesh

Nice to watch your channel and to note still there are people in US who do not want war with every other nation, who refuse to dance to your music.

Thomas Gadsby

AMERICA is going to be sooo fucked.
If all these countries get together and say fuck you America..the stats will get bombed from every dirrection…china russia and all the rest there pissing off….even pissing of the canadians and mexicans…U.S people will have no where to run

Ri Ariyan

So you friend to Russia.Iran is in.Turkey you gona kill.Russian your help outsider.u are economy will be gone.⛪

Thomas Gadsby

I like this guy…ohh my god its a smart regular guy

Eagles Landin

Ron Paul, you are a noble man with virtuous we could all strive for.
We would live in a different world if more politicians were like you Ron Paul.
I would bow in your presence and it's a shame you never had a chance to run the current propaganda oligarchical system which we call the President of the United States of America.

Mahfuz Ahmed

WWIII ….just because of a foolish administration we have !!! There’s a very thin line before shit goes down !!!


Blockade us, do it. if you think you got the balls. Good luck, you'll need it.

James Fuquay

Umm. Thats not why the US is sanctioning these lying thieving hacking threatening countries. Bad dealings by dileberat practices desrves some kind of justice. Keeping communism from expanding is also in play here too. Thank you Mr. Trump. Keep up the security sir.

Carlos M Alvarado

Ron Paul is right We need free trade not war


US can't"blockade" twenty million gardeners and drug dealers from backward Mexico and they're gonna blockade RUSSIA???

Give me a break. Be glad Russia hasn't decided to vapourize your fucking sorry hillbilly hayseed asses.



The Yanks just cannot accept the fact that they're no longer the 'leaders' of the world – if ever they were! Just keep in mind that Russia delivered the S300 because Israel betrayed them. (BTW expect that your excellent channel will probably soon be declared a 'foreign agent' too because you dare to state the opposite view.)

Dean Smith

You cant block russian ships it is not even possible…

Betterworld ok

There is many good American people who understand that war is not the solution for anyone, Your politicians or the people running the show behind the scenes have an evil agenda to kill your own sons and daughters if a war starts. They won't care if humans are sacrificed in their rituals as long as they are not on the front line of a heated battle. Their money, power and influence will reduce your population

gusti chokorde

amrican has been No.1 bully-shit-hole in the world. amrican wants war with "enemy", so hopefully US could win and building millitary station on russia china iran venezuela north korea etc, for conquering extracting indebting consumer made in USA only, like on african, freeport in papua indonesia, latin amrican, etc.

chaz Gurrero

Dr. Ron Paul has some good points presents cabinet need to consider.

dave kessing

Keep doing that, until Vladimir Putin had enough of it, The United States of America is so ingorant and eventually they gonna pay, theres no other outcome for that.
Only the americans are that idiotic


How realistic is a blockade of Russia has any one of those clowns seen the size of Russia on a world map, not to mention that they have the ability to sink US whole navy if need be?!

Victor Pearson

Eisenhower warned of the growing power of the Military Industrial Complex in 1960 . Add in the death wish Evangelicals…

Sonja Copley

War will come from South America in my opinion.

Abraham Philip

Russia's induction of Kinzai/Avangard/Sarmat —– takes it into the Hypersonic age, while the west stays in the supersonic age for good, indicates CONSECRATED Russia would lead mankind into space age. By the consecration was the sudden high end booting of Hillary defeating WW3 in the mercy of God ,granting a period of peace all to the Prophecy.

mike brabant

If Russia is ever invaded the Russian people will fight to the last man or woman to save Mother Russia! They are not like us in their thinking and the public will take up arms, us not so much with all the Snowflakes and bleeding hearts in our society!! Be careful what we wish for, we would be in a world of hurt. Putin said he would not hesitate to use Nuclear weapons if he was attacked.

Rozlan Abd Majid


8TK8 guy

The Russians are determined to get out of the international Rothschild banking financial system , (( the Chinese too )).

Ronnie Field

If we are going to listen to the Zionist Jewish racist pigs who are war mongers we are totally stupid and idiotic. We have to kick these fuckers to the curb and ignore these racists. It’s time we did this ASAP.
The US should stop drinking this coolade and act in an intelligent fashion.
Russia should be allowed to make their own deals as long as they are not a threat to our security.

Kim Jakab

Finally someone in USA with some brains and guts to discuss inconvenient subjects! Great!

Sean Nolan

Free trade is the rising tide that lifts all boats, sanctions and blockades sink ship's.

Ross Rivera

I dont understand this bias media they sounds opposite fr goverment not agree with trump trump is doing everything and anything to get america great again

Abe Ybarra


Laiton Mashoni

It's called playing with fire. America and it's NATO fools are now playing a dangerous game the hour is at hand.

Sebastian Gruber-Kersting

The US defending Europe? Are you sure we need to be defended, Mr. Paul? Over here in Europe most people do not think there is something we need to be defended against, apart from the militarism of the US. This in fact is something we need to defend against … . We are sick about the mess the US adventurism creating chaos just everywhere, even in Europe (e.g.Ukraine).If you say blocking Russia would possibly be an act of war against Russia, you forget that this would also be an act of war against Europe! We don't want and do not… Read more »

John H

If Russia sells more oil, they will make additional profits and then they will invest even more money in their military and that's a threat to the US.

cat camel

This is joke..

Colin Tan

Neocon Zionists are praying for Divine intervention to win the Ezekiel's war with Gog of Magog.

King Cobra

Mr Ron Paul is a wise ,intelligent and responsible person I cannot understand why in the US such people never have a chance to rule the country.


– gets popcorn – dis gun be gud


The American hungry Psychopaths will not give Peace still until they destroy life on the planet!

Count Rufus

Fuck the Usa.Mkinder foreing.policu is over.Final War for the World island and the whole World is aware of it.
Nations that dont recognize their limits perish quickly. As will Usa