Assassinations: Is This ‘American Exceptionalism’?

A new US government whistleblower has revealed just how extensive and how destructive is the US assassination policy worldwide. They call it “targeted killing” to sanitize the term, but it is the same assassination that had long been prohibited. Have we lost all our moral compass?

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Original Youtube video here.

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I feel so alone in America. I am surrounded by blood thirsty psychopaths. Killing babies, killing inmates, killing so many people in foreign wars. I guess it is in our blood, look at how many of each other we killed in the civil war. I am sure we will kill even more in the next civil war. I do not have this blood lust, so i feel alone. sigh :/ (not having the blood lust does not make me soft, or afraid, or without courage. It makes me sane that i have absolutely no desire to kill anyone or inflict… Read more »

Randy Watson

Snopes says this is false so I believe it is false also.

-Every Liberal in America


What it comes down to is the people of this country needs to break off the shackles of the banking cartel and military complex. I don't think that will happen because people are too lazy and stupid. Thats why this country will continually erode till it hits rock bottom.


Hate the government love the the country.

Mathew Joseph

Thank you Dr Paul

Divide and Qonquer

USA is a puppet for Israel


The question. How do we get the government to stop??

Joseph Rooney

Sad for the world this man got shafted from being president, he even LOOKS like a president, the old wise man aura 🙂


Sir, You should run for office.


"“How the oppressor has ceased,
the insolent fury[b] ceased!
The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked,
the scepter of rulers,
that struck the peoples in wrath
with unceasing blows,
that ruled the nations in anger
with unrelenting persecution.
The whole earth is at rest and quiet;
they break forth into singing." – Isaiah 14.4-7

Jason Forbes

Every country should implement a law, where the elected leaders must lead their troops on the battlefield. Let's see how many wars get started with a law like that. Pretty sure most countries will leave their troops at home, and try very hard at peaceful solutions.

Jorge Besada

Dr Paul says… "I don't think war is natural" sadly it is.. some of our biology is built for war.

David Priest

Don't forget, these assassination teams can be turn on our own people domestically or our leaders that do not fit the NWO agenda. For example, there is a lot of evidence that the CIA/Mafia program that was intended to assassinate Fidel Castro was turned and used on JFK.

Eric Babu

Thank you Dr. Paul. They could never elect you for high office because you stand for justice, truth and rationality. The war machine is working harder.

Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Dr. Paul is a true humanitarian. All our actions are accountable in the sight of our Creator in a day of reckoning.


Sigh, I'm 18 and I actually miss the days I didn't know any of the crap our governments doing, but at the same time, I'm glad I know. It's a weird feeling.


What if a industrialized, militarily sophisticated nation like China or Russia was flying drones over the US. How would you feel like to constantly live in fear that someday death might rain down on you from the sky without warning? To fear for the safety of friends, neighbors and family. How would you feel about the nation flying those drones over your country. It has been my experience that most American citizens are unable to empathize with the level of terror and hatred the drone program inspires in the targeted populace. I wish libertarians like Ron Paul were the policy… Read more »

Marcus Triton

Most assassinations in the world nowadays are conducted by mossad agents(fake jew neocons and their subsets) who have infiltrated the US military at the highest level, after all they did write the computer programs that control the US's most deadly arsenals. ie: the battleships, air machines, subs, dirty nukes, satellites etc. All one has to do is look at the more recent atrocities Charlie hebro, doctors without borders, the Turkey peace protest bombing, Ukraine overthrow and many, many earlier ones. It's like a cancer. To root them out will be a tough nut to crack. Most that try are labeled… Read more »


Makes you think why Bernie Sanders wants to keep the drone program. If you are for Ron Paul do not vote for Bernie.


To think that we are arrogant enough to believe that we should Police the World when we can not even Police our trailer parks, and projects buildings.Sad to see the American people not care about this or about what Manning, and Snowden revealed, this head in the clouds can only last but so long, till it bites us all on behind.

Snoopy Snoops

If there is a God, America will be damned!

Mendicant Bias

The 1945 London Observer editorial had this to say about the new kind of person that threatens peace and prosperity in our world: "Albert Speer symbolizes a type which is becoming increasingly important inall belligerent countries: the pure technician, the classless, bright youngman, without background, with no other original aim than to make his way inthe world, and no other means than his technical and managerial ability. Itis the lack of psychological and spiritual ballast and the ease with whichhe handles the terrifying technical and organizational machinery of our agewhich makes this slight type go extremely far nowadays. This is… Read more »

joseph lucido

I wish Rand Paul was as smart as Ron Paul.

Dan Campbell

Couple of things stand out, here. 4:30 "They convince themselves of this", Doctor Paul describing the kind of rationalizing, almost self-brainwashing, that seems to be happening. It's a miracle how flexible and adaptable the brain is. But, like technology, it can be used for multiple purposes, not always healthy. And Daniels' reference to the science fiction dystopian similarity, is on the money. It really does seem like that, doesn't it? It seems like we're in the middle of a story where the Empire won, and a large number of people seem to know that things aren't right, but there is… Read more »

Chorcho music

It is amazing that a nation can go thousands kilometers far from its frontiers and kill crowds in the name of national security…
What about the security of that nation they are bombing?

Chorcho music

Let's just be logic: no person/government with mean intentions is going to say the truth.
They need to say something that their population is going to support.
National security, bringing freedom or democracy to those pour countries, whatever excuse is good if it gives them the internal support to execute their international plans.
Don't look at the words… look at the actions.


I'm not a libertarian, but I have great respect for Ron Paul's views on this issue and on issues of war in general. Americans fail to ask the right questions of the politicians we elect to public office. And, the result is that we keep electing all the wrong people, both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. In fact, it's rather difficult for us to even tell who is actually a liberal or a conservative because we fail to ask the right questions of the candidates. Take the drone assassination program for example (Mr. Paul did not address these concerns… Read more »