Assad Wins: Voting With Their Feet, Syrians Come Home

The liberation of southwest Syria from ISIS and al-Qaeda is complete. The “experts” were wrong. Many rebels surrendered or joined up with the Syrian army. After seven years of outside-funded “regime change” and unimaginable destruction, the country begins to recover. Will any lessons be learned in the West?

Original Youtube video here.

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143 k of subscribers.. i was always saying there is no help for your country of sheeps.. Ameriicans did know little about ww2, vietnam,yogoslavia and so on.. It is all about ppl, but unfortunately your nation must be already dumb down to the point of no return ..Good luck Dr Paul

How do you eat yours?

America and its allies shipped in terrorists to fight Assad and murder millions of Syrians.

jolen jolen

Go Putin, the true hero!


It's quite ironic to have the liberty word behind you while praising a leader of regime that literally wipes you off existence for saying the word "Freedom". Putin minion πŸ™‚

Wendy Harper

With all the stories in the press about the hundreds of millions of refugees leaving Syria, one would wonder if there were actually any people left in Syria! Obviously there were people who were economic Muslim migrants who were passing themselves off as Syrian refugees.Five Muslim countries refused to take in any Syrian refugees or Muslim migrants because they knew the riff-raff and terrorists that would come in.My favorite story was the woman who THREATENED to go back to Syria if Germany didn't give her a flat screen TV. If Syria was such a wonderful country, full of flat screened… Read more »


Mr. Paul, You are a genius.

Jorge Campbell

UN Flag?or the zionist flag for the new world order ruled by zionist Jews Bank global order, Saludos from Argentina Dr Paul

Sally A

God bless u

Ball Is first

If the prophets we're here they'll say this two gentleman are truthful so me knowing this I also agree.indeed they are truthful.

Magna Carta


Spadey Say

When will the american people charge their ex-presidents for war crimes in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Mali and Syria?

Homa Monfared

United Snakes of Israkill, wake up American people Israkill invaded your Country, thank you Ron Paul.

Zahra Abdy

Live long Asad and Syrian people. And it's ridiculous how West and media calls a democratic elected government a "regime".
Sad how USA create terror around the world. The world would be a better place without USA . PLEASE USA mind your business we don't need your stupid diplomatic propaganda to manipulate a peaceful world, and please use your money for defense that your using to cultivate terrorism to your homeless people who are all over your street😏

cloud 07

Assad is the best leader, I have ever seen. πŸ‘Œβ€ Syria together with Assad has won the war! Yay! Their fight was for all of us, the whole world. such an immense useless injustice. Thank you Russia, Thank you Iran, Thank you Hezbollah, Thank you SYRIA! you are the best of our time πŸ‘β€ Israhell go to hell, and leave the people in peace, bastards!

Shane F

captain kirk double!

andy. hello.

Liberty Syria.!!!…piss off Rothchild Rockerfella central banks.

Debbie Shute

Massive respect to Assad a true leader.

Mariyeen Acheege

This is a great video. So happy for Syria. But the Syrians will always need to be looking behind their back.

William Zhao

nope vietnam lasted 20 years.


Too sad Venezuela is next in the Neocon's list of countries to destroy.

mary shaffer

At the beginning, rebels said they would defeat Assad and then attack ISIS with remaining Syrian Army. Assad didn't fall but the two joined to fight ISIS.