Are You Authoritarian?

According to a new survey, Donald Trump voters can be identified by their attraction to authoritarianism. That may be the case, but aren’t many voters who support today’s politicians attracted to authoritarianism over liberty? What are the real authoritarian traits?

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Original Youtube video here.

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It all comes back to child raising. Stefan Molyneux has been a huge supporter of peaceful parenting and believes it is the gateway to a free society.

Anthony Capelle

It's funny. If Ron Paul would have attacked the media and political correctness the way The Donald is right now he would have won the nomination (and possibly the presidency). Even at an old age Ron Paul teaches us that jealousy exist and is for all ages. I love ya Ron, but don't hate so much on someone just because they are doing a good job.


Trump support among the K-Selected members of the species purely stems from anger-hatred of the Republican establishment.


My "Make America Great Again" hat is in the mail right now.

Ben Garner

C'mon, these kinds of articles are one thing and one thing only: Shit tests.

John Mastroligulano

The American people did not change their opinion on Syria the Democrat & Republican parties paid for a marketing blitz through the mainstream media with their pundits then they just said see we have a consensus the American people changed their minds see Obama doesn't have to ask Congress right end of story because who would check/balance this oh yeah themselves lol.

John Mastroligulano

You have a great perspective but you must remember before your thinking to apply the resources of the country must be returned by that I mean all of the ill gotten gains mus be returned because they have given 1% more then 1/2 of the real assets in the USA something that leaves the people of the USA with 0 negotiating power factually this must be addressed before you can expect to say hey we can all just take care of ourselves. You expect to much from people who for generations have worked as abject slaves while the 1% made… Read more »

Nightmare Simulation

3:45 submissive beta members who will submit and follow to gain acceptance and a place in the tribe, not to rise up against or anger the alpha/authority of the tribe, which would put their safety and membership at risk


Trump & Bernie are authoritarians


I'm for Trump because he is a savvy negotiator.
All the candidates talk big, and then the public is stabbed in the back when they get elected. Trump speaks truth.


Work on your editing, guys. There's a full 6 seconds of freeze-frame at the beginning of this clip.

Minor gripes aside, thanks for putting this out like clockwork day by day. Very enjoyable commentary, always.


Dr. Paul. Please run for president again!

Timothy Nelson

Dr. Paul I would assume that you do not support antitrust legislation, but there are many scenarios in which I believe the system is useful for protecting competition and the free market from becoming monopolized. Also, does Bernie Sanders have a plan to forgive debt to college students that have already graduated? I know people that will be paying off their debt until they are 40, I believe his debt free plan won't be able to cover these people. However, as a libertarian constitutionalist, could you interpret the right to LIFE as a justification for Health care. I know you… Read more »


Ron this video shows your frustration with how retarded too put it blatantly on how people who have the ability to conprehend liberty but just wont like a child who wont eat his veggies even though it tastes very good but once mommy says its healthy, the child spits their food everywhere. Its like heart, righteosness has been made to look like poo no matter how tasty it really. Its the immaturity the people who cant let go of old ways. These roots of liberty are old but we havent seen liberty in so long so too us it is… Read more »


I haven't listened in a while great discussion

Steve Ryan

Voting is an act of violence.

Jt Williams

Cmon Dr Paul, I think we need you to throw your hat in the ring one more time, as a 3rd party candidate for President. I know it's not going to happen, but someone needs to talk about the US government's real motivations for war and regime change. Just Google "Gaddafi Gold Dinar"

Malaclypse I

Better parents support trump

Danielle Noura

Hi there. Does anyone happen to know if I can find a transcript of this somewhere? Thank you.