Are We Winning the Fight For Liberty?

Mises Institute Founder Lew Rockwell joins the Ron Paul Liberty Report to discuss working for Ron Paul, the Washington warfare state, and the future of liberty.

Original Youtube video here.

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That Guy Again

i bolive we are loosing it more and more, soon the world will become a comunist state


I think he means we are winning our way to freedom

Redneck Romeo

yall need to have an outro with a title card asking the viewer to subscribe, all youtubers do that. it works

Not Sure

we def are NOT winning the fight for liberty lol but it is nice to see other people trying to be optimistic in the face of overt corruption and evil.


You all know well that everything on TV is fake. It's been going on since the 50s and you know it. I know you know it. I know you are complicit. This is all scripted and we all know it. Why don't you expose all the cultural forging we've experienced? Because you are one of the actors, that's why.

Flynn Parish

Tyranny is the default condition of men. Freedom on other hand is a new idea. I don't know whether the fight for liberty is winning or not. But every day I woke up, I've met more and more like minded libertarians like me.

Priscilla Sieckman

Thank you for the most excellent video.The audio from Lew was hard to hear.

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

Rand Paul is never going to become president and he has stabbed every Ron Paul supporter on earth in the back just to get to where he is now being a phony neo con libertarian loser taking all of his orders from Mitch McConnells nut sack. The main stream media has rigged this election to be a choice of no choice between on Hillary or Bush. In the primaries you could vote for the socialist communist Bernie Sanders who is at least against bank deregulation and unconstitutional wars or Donald Trump who is really the only man who could beat… Read more »

Backgammon Player

I like Lew Rockwell. He tells the hardcore truth, always. No wonder Daniel McAdams and Ron Paul are his good friends. I love it!

TrumpArmy ofKentucky

Don't be surprised by the large crowds among young voters or whatever for Bernie Sanders. Bernie is clearly the only democrat running for president against Hillary so everybody who is voting republican is going to be showing up to the Bernie Sanders rallies. This primary season its gonna be double operation chaos. All the democrats will be showing up to the Donald Trump rallies and all the republicans will be showing up the Bernie Sanders rallies to make things harder for Bush and Clinton.

John Katsanos

Great Interview  about how the ideas of Liberty and Austrian Economics have progressed


Ron Paul seems a lot happier these days.  Congress must have seriously hurt his hope at the time.  There's plenty of reason to hope, but working in the Devil's lair seems to easily change people.


Love Ron Paul! Love Lew Rockwell! But gosh dang the Rockwell audio was so bad it was a distraction. Can some liberty audio engineer step up to the Ron Paul Liberty Report and show them how to do it right??? Maybe the problem is on Lew's end??

Eisen J Eisen

I wanted to know what Ron Paul thought who's worse George Soros or Adolf Hitler? Anyway, we are so indebted that we will have an economic crash first then we decide what to do with our constitution direct democracy and we the people and no President and follow in the footsteps of Switzerland , as we are the sister republic, or Bernie Sanders will want to be your leader?