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What's more important? Asserting Libertarian Identity, or preventing another Republican/Democrat win in 2020? 3rd parties should join forces, to focus votes, to prevent another Duopoly party win.

Greg Lorenzen

I'm 25 and I hold fast to my Libertarian ideals and my faith in Jesus Christ. I voted for you in the 2012 Republican primaries Dr. Paul. I wish their were more politicians like you and your son! Keep up the good work.

Jennie Anderson

There is a severe lack of economic understanding among the other millenials I know, and at times, among those older than me. Many times, my elders will repeat something they heard on fox news, and take their word for how the U.S. is doing. I don't want to come off as rude, so I'm usually at a loss, as far as having a meaningful conversation about the reality of our economy. I've rambled on. Lol. Great topic!

Hans Ome

It's corporate socialism in America that started the whole trend don't blame the food stamp recipients . Government in America is not run by poor people on the street or middle class or the majority, but by a few who have most of the wealth . They make policies that benefit them, complaining about socialism for the people in America is a canard .


Thanks Ron

Gene is Xincuenta

Im a millennial and I believe in Liberty, Justice and Free Speech. Many people of my generation are miseducated on subjects such as freedom of speech, the second amendment, work ethic and equality. It makes it difficult to have everyone agree on something that they don’t know.

John Sowers

I love liberty and the Constitution. What I don't love is surrendering white identity, culture, heritage and values to third world immigrants, illegal aliens and those that hate whites.

Animal Farm

Are Millennials Abandoning Liberty? Well, the Millennials aren’t stupid or just Koch programmed automatons; they can see the Koch Libertarian agenda. Just read the 1980 Libertarian platform David Koch used to run for VP in 1980 and even the most imbecilic will be able to unravel the Koch Libertarian strategy. Apart from those immersed and absorbed by the Koch Libertarian cult, by reading this anyone with half a brain can understand what the Kochs and for that matter, what the oligarchs and Wall Street want. Just listen to Ron and he will explain how the Libertarian movement believes democracy is… Read more »

Sam Danner

A Milliennial today lives in fear. The Liberty or Libertarian movement makes sense to a lot of Young people but I believe it is not as strong as I would like to see it. As I get to know Mr. McDaniel I believe He would concur but maybe not. I speak in Public here in Australia the Principal of the Monatary concept and the CFR placement that has killed our Liberties and Freedoms. Dr. Paul has many Australian follows.

Javor Georgiev

I don't think I'll be abandoning it ever. There's no coming back from the Ethics of Liberty. If there were no books available for free on the Mises Institute website I probably would have never bothered reading Libertarian literature or Economics. It's just not worth gambling a purchase on something I have to pay for before I can determine the value of.


I was (and still am) an ardent Ron Paul fan, and I sent a lot of money to Bernie Sanders. I'm very familiar with the politically active millennial. I read a fascinating scholarly look at these millenials, and 80% of them are anti-capitalists (as am I). So though it may make little sense to you to be anti-capitalist while supporting Bernie, do understand that millenials know that opposing capitalism at this point is not a winnable place, but if we use money to improve infrastructure so we have things we will need after the economy collapses, that at least makes… Read more »


Millennials are resistant to most of the old style of brainwashing, they don't really believe anything on the MSM… Jeff, either grow a beard or shave


If US attack IRAN will be alone and iran is bigger. I think that the war in Iran will cost at least 10 trillion, f you add inflation, the cost can be twice as large

Mat Weesner

Longer shows


As a millennial myself, I regret to say this but most millennial‘s are fucking retards.

Sam Sticka

I was born in 1984. So I guess that makes me a millennial. And I do care about liberty. My brother unfortunately was a Bernie Sanders supporter in 2016. He believed that socialism was a good idea. I tried to tell him that it wasn't, how it killed so many people throughout history, but he thought I was crazy. I'll admit I didn't explain it very well, but based on what I've read on the history of socialism, it makes me very nervous.

He even invoked Star Trek how socialism worked.

Robert Perlini

libertarians need a mea culpa because we push a market based viewpoint. economics is not a science, it is opinions, from pre-industrial colonials, dressed up in faulty mathematics, which is not even true to the sense in the word economizing. economic centric view led us into the greatest mass extinction on the planet. liberatarians dismiss the unsuitability in a market system to solve the catastrophes which it creates, and scapegoat government or immorality in the people. Ron Paul is a national hero and seems right on almost every issue including many economic issues like ending the fed. However, no market… Read more »

David Findley

if you have any $$, hold public showings of Bill Still's 'The Money Masters'.
If you have any ( )( ) , show them Gottfried Feder after.
Hit every campus in the USA.


Time to setup bulwarks against zionists/communists/globalists…again.


Maybe your rich white man form of liberty doesn't work for everyone.

Callie Matthews

The big fight with the voters over the support or non support of Tom Cotton has really clouded the Libertarian Movement here in Arkansas in my opinion. We are here and we are making progress but I do believe it hinders our efforts.

Summer 1976

I don't really like all this labeling people Millennials or Baby Boomers, GenX or whatever, it's just lazy stereotyping. Apparently I fall into the GenX category whatever that's supposed to mean. I've been liberty minded all my life and I love Ron Paul and support him all the way but I've come to believe that just as much as Liberty can be reflected in political systems if the will of humanity is there it really has to come and emerge from its true home in spirituality within people, once that happens a Libertarian Prime minister or president will be a… Read more »


As a millennial, I've noticed that many millennials genuinely care about liberty, or trying their damnedest to understand it after years of public schooling/cultural marxist indoctrination. Whereas others only pay lip service to liberty, and actively seek it's destruction. The latter are the same useful idiots which Ayn Rand described; "We stand for freedom, say both groups – then proceed to list what kind of controls, regulations, coercions, taxes, and "sacrifices" they would impose, what arbitrary powers they would demand, what "social gains" they would hand out to various groups, without specifying from what other groups these "gains" would be… Read more »

Andrew Kerr

I'm an Older Millennial (30) and No I don't think 'we' are "abandoning" Liberty perse, we've just never really seen true Liberty like our Ancestors. Our BB parents took the Government bait and sold us out to bunch of Bankers which has put many of us into Debt before we were even born and being made responsible for all the unfunded liabilities 'promised' to our Greedy Parents. Don't forget most of us in the West, were Indoctrinated by a bunch of Union Protected Socialists in shitty Public schools. Hardly any of my Millennial Peers know what "Free Market" is let… Read more »

Jessie James

That dudes on crack they do want socialism and communism the main stream media are not reporting on them wanting those.

Kit Bonde

Don't remember if I posted this – but of course you are aware of it! – THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING!!!!! https://youtu.be/5hFeyau7SUE

Anthony Vriends

I am a millennial who was first introduced to Austrian economics and libertarian ideas by Ron Paul in his 2012 campaign which has totally shifted my world view.

James O'Brien

The young people were with you in 2012 Ron Paul first person I voted for with pride Bernie Sanders last person I voted for with pride.


Give me liberty or give me death!


Millennials havent given up liberty. Theyve given up the political means of obtaining it.