Antiwar And Anti-Violence: The Revolutionary MLK

The Rev. Martin Luther King was an important civil rights leader, but we must not forget that he was an uncompromising opponent of the Vietnam war and of violence in general.

Original Youtube video here.

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Opened page with it at 66 likes & 6 dislikes.

Jacob Walls

except that MLK was a socialist…maybe you need to watch more Stephan Molyneux

Shadow Return

Thank you for everything.

Silver Bear

Ron Paul, this is off topic, but I wanted you to know that Nikolai Starikov from Russia gave you a complement in a recent interview.

Ed Waggoner Sr.

I am so sick of hearing about "American exceptionalism".  It's just an excuse to meddle in the affairs of other countries.  MLK was a peace loving man who did a lot of good for our country regarding race relations,  those who wanted to keep the blacks as pets (LBJ) and permanent democrap voters sure had a motive to kill him.  Yes, MLK had socialist leaning, a lot of economically illiterate people are socialists.  I'll cut him some slack.


MLK was also a commie so


No need to reply to Johny leather troll. He brings up the same talking points many others show up to say. The same talking points show up on so many other libertarian videos

Mike Hill

I've listened to Stephen Molyneux, he and others do not like much of anything publicly funded. Let's turn back the clock to the early 1930s, FDR does not get the Democratic Party nomination:the average USA citizen wants the same answers from both parties regardless. There would be no aborted fascist attempt to overthrow aa elected president,because the USA would be firmly be a combination of fascist nazism. First nations, negroes(blacks), hispanics would have been relocated to the upper plains states because of mass employment of whites building a North America Great Wall between usa and Mexico. Remember, by 1945 or… Read more »


you fixed the intro! yay!

Paul P

PLZ do a Lib report on gold standard vs inflation


Pacifists are, ironically, the greatest threat to the establishment and its supporters, and always have been.

Bob Elschlager

Very good program.A comment on the Vietnam war. Back then I went along in a muddled non-thinking way with whatever was said about it. Only later, when I started reading about Communism, especially the early days of Russian Communism. And one day it hit me, all that I was reading was not just something in a book, but nightmare horrors that vast numbers of people intimately inescapably lived in. Very heavy stuff. At the time of Vietnam war all countries of Eastern Europe had fallen under the nightmare, and I think other countries were continuing to do so, including Vietnam,… Read more »

Pat Bateman

Ron Paul, you are such a perfect man. Thank you for preventing me from swaying too far to the right. You are the ultimate libertarian


MLK was not a right-libertarian, but could be considered a left-libertarian.

Late in his life he began frequently quoting Henry George, and while I don't think he grasped the importance of the free market economics of George he does seem to have been coming around to a Georgist position of recognizing how government granted privileges (especially land titles) were at the root of modern social problems and poverty.

MLK explicitly stated that he wanted to abolish all of the Paternalistic bureaucratic means tested government programs and replace them with a universal Basis Income Guarantee.

Cold Highway

One thing that was never taught when I went to school was that MLK and many other CRM people we're very pro-gun

Triston Ward
Guest heres something i found from a freethoughtproject article.

Wayne Koppa

2+ million Indochinese died in the genocidal 'Vietnam' War.

Da Cashman

You are amazing Ron

Javier Lavin

If you permit you certain forces in your country to intervene in other countries , these same people will end up intervening at home also.

Animal Farm

Sorry Dr. Paul, you can never afford to have individuals such as MLK in a capitalist system; they are like a fish out of water. Allowing a man of integrity to speak freely in an exploitative system that runs on deception and personal greed is unfair; not only to MLK but the thousands that follow his teachings. Any thinking person knows that the failings in humanity are amplified by the capitalist system and despite what many misinformed may believe, cabals and monopolies are inevitable in such an economic structure. Even if governments attempt to regulate against such structures like the… Read more »


how beautiful.   thank you for this talk.   greetings from germany

kevin chambers

Thomas Paine wrote "He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy against oppression." MLK understood and practiced this where wholesale superficial libertarians have failed miserably.

Mary Kim

Always love to hear what Ron Paul and his co-host and guests have to say.

TickedOff Priest

A Rebloodlican put under surveillance…

Brooke Reaves
Suzanne Magness

Wonderful point, if only all this war money would go to the American people who are homeless and sick. Houston has a lot of homeless.