Ali Won His Greatest Fight

Muhammad Ali’s refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War was said by some to be his greatest, self-imposed, defeat. With the passage of time — and so many more wars — history may tell a very different story. What was the impact of Ali’s stance on the war?

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steve w

Check out Black Pigeon Speaks channel video titled  "Muhammad Ali was a racist – but that's OK". Good with the bad.

Gary Weaver

Well, students didn't need a CIA report to figure out there was no immediate threat to the States. No declaration of war, etc..


Remember when the Democrats enacted & defended laws to force Muhammad Ali to sit in the back of the bus? They don't talk about that much today.

James Taylor

Thank you so much Dr. Paul for the Liberty Report videos, I just found this and now I have a ton of insightful information to catch up on!

Number Eight

Always admired Ali, favorite statement of his that if he wasn't a boxer but a garbage collector, he'd be the best garbage collector…

Gg Mo

I wish the BLM had the intellect to be a force against these illegal wars rather then cultivating victimhood, race baiting, excuse making and blame games.
Actually , I wish all of these supposed SJW's would get their priorities straight.


Yeah…college students today don't protest against wars or corrupt governments. Today it's all about safe spaces, trigger warnings, and PC culture. That is not a good environment for expression. It is however a good environment if you want to keep the kids under control.

Nick B

I have a hard time believing Ali's IQ was in the 16th percentile- it just goes to show how unreliable IQ tests are as an indicator of intelligence IMO.

Great discussion Mr. McAdams and Dr. Paul.

Cold Highway

It should be noted that not all draft dodgers are equal; I dont view Bill Clinton, Al Franken or Tom Tancredo in the same light as Ali. Ali didnt warmonger like the other three did

Matthew Bagley

Islam means submission to God. You are free to make what of that what you will. There are violent strains of islam like the Saudi Wahhabism practiced by Isis, Al qaeda, and other groups. There are some violent strains in the Shia side as well as practiced by hezbollah. At the start of the year Saudi Arabia decapitated a top Shiite cleric that caused Iran to want to escalate the conflict between the two countries beyond proxy wars in Syria and Yemen. The Shiite/Sunni conflict has waged for centuries before America was even an idea, but there are peaceful muslims… Read more »

Chris Boyd

I watch this from Australia every episode. When the US goes to war, New Zealand and Australia are threatened behind the scenes "support us or we'll stop your exports getting into our country". What a shame Ron Paul isn't the president. Let's hope Trump isn't a warmonger even if he is a demagogue.

Not Sure

How long has Islam been around? How long has America been around? When did America start having problem with Muslim extremists?


Ron Paul is the GOAT….and Ali

Hussain Fahmy حسين فحمي

Islam is a religion of peace to those who come in peace.


Anytime you hear someone say "Islam is violent religion", 99.9% of the time it seems to be a right-wing Christian or neocon that says it. What does that tell you?

When there's a draft, make sure your windows and doors are closed. Just because it's summer doesn't mean there aren't awful winds a blowin'.


Muhammad Ali didn't refuse to go to war because of principle.


Refreshing discussion.

Operation Agatha

I love Ron Paul!


I grew up watching Muhammed Ali and he's one of my personal hero's and always will be. He stuck with his beliefs and convictions to never get involved in the disastrous Vietnam War. He loved life and the people around him and always used everything he had to help others despite his own ailments, he always stood up for the Black community, and made people feel free that it was OK for them to just be themselves. I truely believe that he was always be the Lord of the Ring! I just love him!

Toni Al

I am a muslim. My argument is this, islam does not allow violence, and ali was using our true nature of our religion by refusing to go to vietnam and fight. Islam means submission and peace, and the problem with this dude paul is the same problem others have with islam. Isis are not true muslims, nor any terrorist, these idiots dont represent islam, in fact these people were created by many agendas from the west. Lets be clear ali, was a true muslim, and the reason for that is that he used our religion correctly, we as muslims have… Read more »

World Times

Thanks Ron.The best ko Mohammed achieved was against the US gvt foreign policy