Alex Jones, FDR, Partisanship, And More…#AskRonPaul

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Michael Benzaken

For my libertarian friends (others feel free to chime in) – Don't you think the Fed Reserve Bank works in tandem with certain Supranationals like the World Bank and IMF and WTO to stimulate the global economy and incubate the USA from having the dollar collapse while creating better economic prosperity for the states and it's allies? Thank G-d the government is NOT in charge with monitoring the value of the USD. I don't understand why we think a more or less private entity should not by the mechanism with which we manage the strength of the dollar, a private… Read more »

Fanboys KillGames

Jones took his own shit down as a pr stunt.

Joshua VanVleet

Alex Jones still has his website and his show, he just lost his corporate sponsors. Why is this odd to any of you. Alex operates on the fringe and mainstream companies don't need his ad revenue that bad to continue promoting his show, it's nothing odd or nefarious. Jones is just an entertainer "Like Stephen Colbert" according to his divorce trial tapes. It's amazing how silly people get about politics. I used to really like Ron Paul's principled approach to Constitutional Government but he clearly isn't aware of of who Alex Jones is or he hopefully wouldn't align his message… Read more »


They said you were taken down to Ron Paul Liberty Report, is that true? Oh boy, had me scared there.

Troy George

What US citizens don't realize is that the companies that are banning Alex Jones are not American companies. They operate on the web and can be moved anywhere in the world at any time. The major University's business schools are teaching star fish business models, if a company has part of it's company cut off by a government it grows back else where and does not die. This is particularly disturbing because the majority of the stock market boom has been put into these tech stocks that have no nationality so if anyone calls bullshit against these companies many Americans… Read more »

Robin Murray
Guest #1 thanks to censorship it is a form of election meddling by left leaning big DNC biased social media and fake news. Infowars put Trump over the top DNC silencing of many voices on the right shows how desperate they are.

Derek Dust

I think Jones is a big-mouthed SOB. But I subbed to his site to show my support for his right to express his opinions.


The Soviet Union Never had a Chance againts the Petro-Dollar, N.E.V.E.R

Ronnie Sorters

1st amendment …..

John Woodhead

I am sure it will give him a boost,I am all for free speech and Dr Paul has hit the nail on the head,it is being used as a selling point (for Jones) who I can not trust seeing how much the man has changed over the years,just like the big banks,he will come out of this richer,that says it all

Counter Occulture

Rob Paul is woke to the JQ. I voted for him way back. I so dearly wish he had won.


On 8-7-2018 Jones admitted on his show that he was orchestrating his censorship. His father (CIA) asked him about it, Jones said he was orchestrating it ahead of the elections. His father said, I thought do. Jones knows how to manipulate the masses with propaganda and has the help and support of Israel's unit 8200. I wonder how many millions they will spy on through the "new: Infowars APP.

GREG Torchia

The second amendment protects the first amendment and everybody knows that Debbie washroom Schultz and John podesta had Seth Rich murdered


"Alex Jones" really, you don't know Jones is a "controlled opposition" site? Some time ago Jones was very good at what he did, exposing the Zionist machine, but as always once you get popular the Zionist money men make you an offer you can't refuse. This whole Jones meme is JUST CONTRIVED, just like the attacks on Trump. The media does not hate Trump, the media is the ONLY thing Trump has going for him. The powers that be create these straw men to promote the divide and conquer, right vs left LIE. Trump is a Zionist traitor, if the… Read more »


If you use Youtube, you really need to get familiar with Zionism and it's grip on America. There is no reason at this point in history with so much knowledge at our finger tips, so many still fall for these fake narratives that the Zionist machine create to undermine US. Thanks to centuries control over Central Banking, Zionists have all the money and use that money to buy anything/anyone who is for sale. Jones sold out some time ago, as did Trump. Well Trump did not sell out as much as he was bailed out. Wake up people, the Zionist… Read more »

Anthony Emrick

I agree with Dr. Paul, time for Imperialism is at an end. It's time to stop throwing money at not only our "allies" but also and especially at the countries we support that don't even like America.
And we can start Right Away… WITH ISRAEL

Marcus Stoneman

Go on Joe Rogan Dr Paul!


JP Morgan instigated the run on banks leading us into Great Depression.

Jentje Bierman

RonPaul is a Globalist . A sosialist com.don,t trust Him .