Afghan War A ‘Total Failure’ – Should We ‘Privatize’ It?

After 17 years of fighting, the US continues to lose the war in slow motion. Each year the Taliban gains ground. Meanwhile the US spends billions of dollars, kills untold numbers of civilians, and makes negative progress. Blackwater founder Erik Prince wants the US to privatize the war and hire his company to fight it. Is that a viable solution?

Original Youtube video here.

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Kevin T

Hey, remember that nasty invasion of Crimea by Russia in 2014? Lasted 3 weeks, 6 killed. Very efficient. Afghan 17 years, Iraq 7 years, millions killed, mainly civilians. Maybe we should outsource these wars to the Russian military? For payment we can give them a 30% commission on any oil or resources we subsequently steal from the country. <sarcasm>

Mudhar Hadi

$4 Trillion and counting….

David Basset

Dr. Paul, please invite Ryan Dawson to your show. He is by far the most well researched foreign policy analyst out there. He has a lot to say and is a great supporter of the liberty movement.

Jim Bronaugh

US troops guarding , processing, packaging and shipping ten billion dollars worth of Heroine to the US and there is no way we will stop the war as long as the corporations are making the kind of profits that are being garnered now. USMC now stands for United States Mercenary Corporation.


You boys, Are delusional! You still think some rat in a cave pulled off 911.


Having to use private mercenaries, Just shows that the American people do not support whats going on their with our military.

Demonseed 1776

Give me goddamn Healthcare my representative Tom Rice and Washington does nothing but sit on his f**** ass all day long and meet with lobbyists this is all they do whether it's Tom Rice or Trey Gowdy or the old black guy what's his name Clayborn they're all worthless piles of s*** Tim Scott they're all a joke I called Clay Burns office one time to ask him why we don't have health care and what's the problem with it and his age told me that I needed to call his office with a little more respect you know what… Read more »

Demonseed 1776

Yesterday I heard that Elizabeth Warren put up a bill that would stop this corruption these lobbyists and the scumbags but it was voted down before it even hit the desk by the Republicans

Mahmood Mirhashemi

Thank you Dr. Paul and Daniel
for Promoting anti-war and non-interventionism in US political arena.
Iranians feel sympathy and welcome our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. They deserve much better.
Cheers to you from your fans in Iran.

James Wisrik

Privatize means taxpayers will still pay and Americans soldiers will still die! We need to shrink military by 50%, get rid of presidency, and shrink congress by 50%. Make lobbying (illegal bribes) …ILLEGAL!. Cut taxes to 8%. Get rid of insurance companies and pay doctors and hospital directly! Too start…and every 5 yrs – cut taxes .5% and stop at 5%.

Literally Hitler

Like Syria and Yemen?

Ken A

9/11 pre-planned FRAUD

Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros

Privatizing a war would not be the answer. We need to get out of the war business. Btw, Bolton is trying to get a war going with Iran. For the sake of humanity and not because I care for the Mullahs, or Israel which has also committed war crimes, I hope Iran does not take the bait.


I could care less if a private army does all the dirty work. However, I think if the Afghan government wants that, the. They should pay for it. The US should have gotten out a long time ago.

Sangam Sangam

There is no need to do anything just get out of there no chance of defeating Terrorists in Afghanistan.

Thrax Maximus

Send weinstein to the taliban lets do it. Once Afghanistan is plundered for all its valuables the US will withdraw.

AmericaNWO NOW u OWN.

American are natural born failure and suckers for pre-paid liberty with insurance.

ric 63

9/11, you've got to look at the country that has gained most, which by it's own admission is Israel. So frustrating to see the US being the mere lackey of this country. Talk about failed investigations, the American government has a long history of that-JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty and so on. Such a disgrace the world's most powerful country is being led by a bunch of psychopaths. Not forgetting the US government supplied the Taliban with arms against the Soviets, a pathetically short-sighted policy.

ric 63

Overall, a very insightful approach by Dr Paul, absolutely spot on with getting out of empire building. So why do Americans let such pathetic examples of humanity run the greatest military machine in the world?


Like someone said below, the short version is that the Taliban pushed for opium as a cash crop to be sold to the infidel and it was only a massive drought that pushed them to decrease production, ironically shortly before the US invaded. Then the US invaded the country through Pakistan. This did two things: one, exacerbate unrest within Pakistan, and two give Pakistan's intelligence services a helluva lot more money (basically transit fees for US troops) to sponsor the Taliban because they're Pakistan's "strategic depth", some of which seems to've been funneled back to sponsor more unrest within Pakistan.… Read more »

Chris Weinert

Ever wonder, why does he instantly revert to zionist/mossad narratives, so constantly?
Come on, Dr Paul.
Tell the whole truth…


Erik Prince is a criminal!


You 2. Your taxes pay for all this. apologise that sinners.


I imagine that the only thing more intolerable than being invaded by a State is being occupied by mercenary forces. The people might be forced to choose a side that is the lesser of the two evils and that could ultimately put them on the side of the Taliban.


If you win the war you have to rebuild that country …
So that's not the plan anymore.
Wars aren't being fought to win, they're disaster capitalism ~ you should know that…

MisterMAKiste OOHeaven

9/11th was already planned by the hidden military-industrial complex, and among its multiple goals, I may mention the following:
1- Jeopardize freedom and democracy in the US;
2- Perpetuate a climate of insecurity and fear among the US population;
3- Invade new territories for continuing to install military bases all over the globe;
4- Continue justifying the huge dispenses on the military;
5- Control the oil & gas industry;
6- Prepare the ground for the invasion of Iran in order to please Saudi Arabia and Israel;
7- Help Saudi Arabia gain influence in the middle East and beyond.


1) lithium worth of 3tril$
2) countering Chinese
3) having Pakistani nuclear arsenal in check
4) opium

Those are the reasons why US is there.


I always believed that Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Cynthia Mckinney along with Others have always been on the right side of US History. These great minds have adhered to the US Constitution and stood up for our Constitutional Republic and American Values. I'm very happy I've long since woken up to the monstrous lies of the Corporate Supremacy and their Political Indentured Servants on Capitol Hill. Benjamin Franklin said it absolutely right, "Anyone who is willing to give up liberty for security deserve neither. "I'm happy I never went along with these Foreign Affairs or intangling alliances with… Read more »

Shah Suri

Erik Prince wants to get into the drug trade LOL The real goals of the invasion are now impossible to realize. The Silk Road will be going via Gwadar Port in Pakistan to China, and Afghanistan has been by-passed. The Pakistanis have given the Chinese Navy basing rights at Gwadar so if the Chinese desire they can sit back and launch cruise missiles on the US troops who are cut off and unable to get out. The Uyghurs who were supposed to be used to destabilize China were never going to be able to fulfil that role and are now… Read more »

mike nicol

Americans love Coca Cola, Mickey Mouse and blow jobs. Taliban love death, foreigners death

Robert Tolassi

last year alone 67 thousand usa citizens died of opiod addiction 93 % of the world's opiods originate in afghanistan.usa military occupy afghanistan 18 years .DO THE MATH!