A Military ‘Pivot to Asia’

The US is up in arms over Chinese construction of islands in the South China Sea. US spy planes buzzing the islands are asked to keep away. Meanwhile, the US continues to construct more military bases in the region.

Original Youtube video here.

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Amir Fahmi

5,000 US soldiers died in Iraq for Israel.


ron paul seems bothered by something


It's a NWO pivot. The Eastern faction is winning as the US has been sold out from within by it's 'allies' turning traitor and now that the damage is done are running to their conspirators in he east to join up and support socialist Russia and China's bid for global hegemony/global government.
 No need to water it down for the dummies it just makes them weaker, everything is out in the open for everyone to see.
Anyone that can't put it together needs a horse-whipping.

sean s

The BEST thing that could ever happened to The United States of America would be vote Dr. Ron Paul in as President – the only way #USA  will ever gain greatness again… wake up America! – Support Dr. Ron Paul !


Jade Helm is all about population control to oversee the public when a huge asteroid is thought to be hitting off the coast of Puerto Rico in September 2015.  There will be huge loss of life and aftermath will be a HUGE effort.  The devastation will be along the southern border.  The closed walmarts will be supply depots to assist in the relief effort.  The entire USA will be impacted all along the sourthern border and east coast.  Ron Paul won't be able to mention this.. it is too volatile !

hunk RE2

seriously, keep appologizing in the world, this will make our country great! you stupid idiot! this is the reason ron and rand will never be a serious contender for the presidency.