A Balanced Budget In 15 Years?…Don’t Hold Your Breath

Once again, we’re seeing that there’s really no philosophical differences between the two major parties. President Trump’s proposed budget of record spending and record trillion dollar deficits could just as easily have been put together by a Democratic administration. The national debt will ultimately be unserviceable and the government bubble will come to a painful end. Ron Paul discusses on today’s Liberty Report!

Original Youtube video here.

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I do not think the dollar system would collapse unless the Petrodollar is abandoned.

Stupid Storm

Absolutely pathetic. We could balance the budget in less than a year. Everyone of them should be executed in public.

Glenn Horowitz

15 years? Another grand collectivist Plan. Doesn't matter anyway; according to that Cortez harpy the world will be destroyed in 12 unless Americans become cave dwellers, eating only grass and rainwater.
Be sure to pay your taxes and obey the diktats of your leaders, Citizens…they are all knowing and have only your best interests at heart. Disregard those guns pointed at your face, they're only there to discourage any wrongthinking.

Rob _

Trump has tried several times to cut military spending. His generals have over and over tried to explain the importance of military spending in the middle east, Korea, etc.

My question is, do these generals know what they are doing or are they just following predecessors logic?

Also, if we leave Afghanistan the money also leaves which leaves these contractors losing extremely overpaid jobs.

Is there too much influence on generals in current wars causing them to maintain a war to boost their reputation, monetary rewards, etc?

50 Ducks In A Hot Tub

Our budget in Canada isn't going to be balanced until 2040 so you're doing better than we are… but in reality we're all screwed


It'll be balanced during a captain caveman, SHTF scenario. Haha!


This is why we need to have a balanced budget amendment