100 Years After The ‘War To End All Wars,’ Lessons Of History Are Still Unlearned

The weekend commemoration of the end of World War I, and particularly the speech from the French president, demonstrate why the “war to end all wars” did not at all end all wars. They still don’t get it, so we are forced to repeat it. How does our current policy look so much like that of the countries careening toward disaster in 1914?

Original Youtube video here.

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Patricia M

An average of 22 veterans commit suicide EACH DAY. Think about it, Orange Bonespurs.

Eddy Chua

US Veterans are paid assassins, ruthless murderers. They kill people for money. They rape women and children for joy. It has nothing to do with patriotism, it's MONEY, BENEFITS and DRUGS!!!

Diana Lee Lee

Yes! Overcoming the propaganda we learn in school is not easy. As a historian I find that when I actually give historical facts many Americans accuse me of being "unAmerican". They are offended when reality does not match their programming. I appreciate that you are educating Americans. Learning history is the only way we can reclaim our country from the warmongers.

Toby Hunter

This time we are" better prepared " to achieve our Goal to " End ALL Wars" ! Like standing in a pool of Petrol and selling matches. And a "National Security Advisor " evidently seriously challanged by Dementia and a dramatic loss of kognitive faculties calls for the first STRIKE. Sounds like a Nightmare, so better switch on the Light and WAKE UP. Thank You Dr. Ron Paul – good Alarm Clock –

Another NPC

I thought the ceremony at Compiegne was appropriate (they could have toned down on the military music a little bit but the men standing there belonged to the joint Franco-German Brigade so that's o.k): it was sobering and a show of European unity. I think it's MEGA time and in the disgusting arrogant manner of Orange Man or in the stupid, equally paternalistic, style of Macron and Merkel (eventhough I agree with them in principle when it comes to a European defence force but not in the implementation they prescribe). If some wider European cooperation is what it takes to… Read more »


Churchill was the main character in USA's involvement in WW1 and WW2….

robert hicks

More isolationist drivel.

Mary A

RON PAUL SPOKE THE TRUTH BACK IN 2008 – BUT NOBODY WANTED TO HEAR IT ! It's too easy to "wave the flag" and yell "hell, yeah, USA". And don't forget – we HAVE to "support the troops", even if we don't agree with a given war ! The TRILLION$ wasted in warfare & military expenditures by the US government could have REBUILT AMERICA. But, instead, we are squandering $700+ BILLION$ this year in MORE military (not "defense") spending. ARE AMERICANS INSANE ???

Tim Steinkamp

If you really believe what you say then tell me how a people can govern themselves when government is full of secrets and classified information? We can't, and allowing any secrets to be kept from the people turns us into constantly debating how far secrets can go. I dare you to promote a government where no secrets are allowed, then I will know you mean what you say. Looking at prime time TV you notice that most every show concerns the military and first responders or attacks on the people. They include fear of our neighbors and fellow citizens but… Read more »

none none

Nicely put. Thanks.

Anthony Centola

Dude, check out Corbett report. He explains WW1 really well. It was manufactured

Michael DeSilvio

The washington monument is a ridiculous freemason phallic symbol or devils schlong. I heard that they are building a concrete little boy bootie hole across the street.

Troll Trollsen

The WWI Conspiracy by James Corbett 11-2018

Jeffy C. Edie

thank you ron paul, for the insights and common sense and common decency. every US war after WW2 was created by the CIA.

Eric Gregory

The Corbett Report did an excellent analysis of the conspiracy that led to WWI at https://youtu.be/tclAbWvBt70

Melissa Leeson

Bravo, finally some truth! Peace, love and goodwill!

Ruth Betlyn

They, globalists, aka politicians take advantage of our patriotism. To fight these unconditional wars for the benefit of a criminal element in government, and world.iim Vietnam vet. Remember my mother saying when I ask about her uncle "Red", what's wrong with him? " He got the mustard gas in France"??? And so it goes!!!😎😇Capt. Jac ☠️

marc bell

I suspect that Rom Paul owns a lot of silver and would like you to buy it from him.

Dave Sparks

“Inside Baseball” on the First World War… recommend you view part 1 first for a more complete context…



Google Albert Pike's 3 World Wars


If you wanna know what the secret societies are up too.


I think it depends how you define nationalism. I always looked at Patriotism being healthy. Nationalism being dangerous….but that might just be the way I define them. Nationalism is, in my view, the belief that you are superior through birth. Patriotism, on the other hand, is love of country, and the will to do what is best for the country, placing it very self. And as always, we have to dodge the propaganda on what is best for the country!! But it isn't only main stream media….just about ALL media is a propaganda machine. Look at the so-called news stations… Read more »