Pregnancy 21 March to 20 April

This is a little stressful period that seems tense and may be subject to a verbal altercation or confrontation, and you may know a meeting where a debate is settled in which you do not close your door on the options Zen words.

Taurus 21 April to 21 May

Define your goal and do not scatter your activities and discuss the new before making efforts in the wrong place, and may reach the end of the day, absent powers and the mood does not allow the vigilance or visits.

Gemini 22 May to 21 June

Support your relationships and strengthen relationships and even correct the positions that you have previously corrupted, love is falling from your life to the back side, your first interest is practical and family matters.

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

You become overwhelmed today or have a decisive choice in your personal life. Choose a family issue and think about issues as important as business.

The Lion 23 July to 21 August

All you want today is self-sufficiency and good health and harmony with yourself and the ocean, you regain your confidence and this gives you the comfort and feeling that you are greater than everything that is happening around you.

The Virgin 22 August to 23 September

Every effort may increase your profits or provide you with a step to progress in your disbursement system. Your finances may begin to decline and your waste increases your material problems.

Balance 24 September to 23 October

A sudden tendency tends to unusual situations or new faces and people you know recently, and have good ideas and need your intelligence to put into practice and with sufficient calm.

Scorpio 24 October to 22 November

Do not stay away from others and do not bear the price of your mistakes or hold them accountable for their mistakes, and beware of cheating, deceit or fraud.

Sagittarius 23 November to 22 December

In general, today is filled with important activities and beautiful feelings and even to make the basic decisions, and to see the love around you and your income to satisfy yourself and satisfy those around you with your affection and tenderness.

Capricorn 23 December to 20 January

Do not stand in the face of the wind and pay attention to some pressing conditions or sudden complications, your professional career may suffer confusion and the reason is to accelerate you pay attention to the words of others.

Aquarius 21 January to 19 February

A day gives you strength and courage to accept all circumstances and deal with everyone without sensitivity, you are active and understanding and hear a lot and move all the observations and criticism and work to improve your things.

The Whale February 20 to March 20

You are forgiving and tolerant and continue to give the ocean aid and accept apologies, but do not wait for the results of planting you planted him days ago, support surrounds you and praise and good reputation.

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Your horoscope today – Monday 25 March 2019

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