The reality is the grinder of pain and hopes, a term that may be understood in two directions, a positive direction. Is it a crime worse than grinding hope?
In our current reality, the mill of hopes has become mills, it may come to you in the form of a citizen who has not yet realized that the streets and beaches are not to throw garbage, and that the regularity of the class is not detract from their false manhood and that the right of the state is not a kind of seizure of their property, but in another context may come to you A body of remarks by a minister who used to remind us that wartime is only to endure, even if it is fairer to be “happy” would have won the Golden Mill Award for the most theoretical and best-selling statements.
It may be in government meetings that end with the formation of committees that the editors who write about them need hieroglyphic experts to decipher their symbols, and they may be embodied in whole ministries that we do not yet know what the real purpose of their existence is. Let us then enter the record of creativity, which has been on the throne since the days of the completion of the law «Where do you this» before the end of the year.
We always repeat the phrase that there are those who are proficient in the terminology trade to the extent that this term seems empty of its content, from the term transparency to the term «prevention of corruption» and not fighting corruption, which they use when talking about any achievement of this ministry or that, This is true if the word achievement in the midst of administrative chaos in which we live to make us wonder:
Where do you really have this wealth, dear employee, or where do you get that skill, dear official?
We know that the idea of ​​monitoring wealth or acknowledging the property of senior officials in state agencies is practically applied in all countries of the world, but we do not really know what the idea of ​​the application of a law that has existed in its spirit in the Syrian laws for nearly fifty years, but it is similar to the law banning smoking in public places Nothing is applied, perhaps because the application of both laws may disturb the mood of his / her sovereignty in various state circles.
Perhaps if we thought in good faith, we would say, for example, that a renewed Syria needs renewed laws, but should we, for example, amend the traffic laws to become the preference of the left, not the right? But if we think of bad faith «God forbid», will we assume that the reproduction of such a law in a new format aims to take advantage of the theory of “retroactivity of laws” and include cases that were before the law was published and published in the Official Gazette or after?
How many current officials have complied with the verbal directives given to them to declare their property before assuming their responsibilities? Isn’t the lack of permission a violation of the law? Then what about traders and market whales who will ask those source of their wealth? If you are really keen on the public money from the employee, did you think to ask yourself what is the employee’s salary enough? Did you think of that study, which said: The need of the Syrian family is more than two hundred and fifty thousand Syrian pounds, while the salary of the employee does not exceed forty thousand.
In conclusion: the continuation of such mindsets in creativity and invention of needles of anesthesia will not make us adhere to the idea that reality is grinding hopes, but in short we will say:
If you knew the unseen, you would have chosen the reality. Is there a reality that was unseen years ago worse than the one in which we cannot ask who are in front of our eyes, where do you get this from?

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Where did you get this? – Al-Watan Newspaper

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