Amid news of a US move to raise the number of its troops in the Syrian oil fields to 800 in addition to the 200 currently in Al-Tanf, Moscow reiterated that the oil fields should return to the control of the Syrian state, and that the deployment of America’s illegal forces there is very dangerous on Syrian and Russian patrols. An American senator described the presence of these forces as misleading and reckless and illegal.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said in a press statement on the US administration’s plans to strengthen the presence of its forces in the oil field areas in Syria, according to the agency «SANA»: «Oil is a national wealth of the entire Syrian people and we are convinced that this people should He is acting with his national wealth, including oil, ”he said, explaining that Russia does not intend to do joint work with America on its plans for oil fields.
For his part, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Council of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Kosachov, that the United States strengthening the presence of its forces in the areas of oil fields in Syria fundamentally violates Syrian sovereignty.
Kosachev pointed out on his Facebook page that Washington argues that the aim of these plans is to prevent terrorists from accessing the oil fields, but the real reason is a special investment for the fields concerned in Syria, regardless of the fact that Syrian sovereignty is fundamentally violated by this. The way the West doesn’t matter too much.
Kosachev warned that Syrian or Russian forces in the region could be subjected to occasional attacks, even though their presence is legitimate, unlike the illegal US presence. “A military attack on representatives of the legitimate authorities in their legitimate territory would be an explicit aggression,” he said. The casualties and the worsening of the situation will be entirely the responsibility of the US military who are unnecessary there, both legally and politically.
Kosachev pointed out that the American approach is already so shameless that even the presidential candidates confirm that the current administration is taking over the Syrian oil fields, which are not owned by the United States and belong to the Syrian people and they need them.
Against the backdrop of accusations of occupation against other countries, including Russia, and taking into account the sanctions imposed on the illegal military presence on foreign territory, what the United States is doing in Syria is blatantly blatant.
Alexander Shirin, first deputy chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, said the US plans to loot Syrian oil fields are similar to the actions of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who occupied other countries with a similar aim.
“The US position today is no different from that of Adolf Hitler, who seized and occupied the land of others in order to access its raw resources,” Shirin said, calling on the US administration to remove its military from Syrian territory.
For his part, said the expert of the Russian Council for Foreign Affairs, Kirill Semenov, during his interview with the newspaper «Kommersant», according to «Russia Today»: «The US decision to stay in Syria makes the Kurds less willing to implement the Russian-Turkish agreements, and this will hinder dialogue What Moscow was betting on between Damascus and the Kurds, ”he said, noting that Kurdish militias’ fear of American departure and Turkish expansion prompted them to look for lines of interaction with Damascus, including the return of some areas under their control to Syrian state control.
According to a report published by the Russian newspaper “Nezavissimaya Gazeta”, according to “Russia Today”, Erdogan again returned to the threat of Moscow and Damascus that his country could start an operation in Syria, if the Kurdish forces do not move 30 km from the Syrian-Turkish border.
The military expert Lieutenant General Yuri Ntakashiv, that the battle of Erdogan and his allies with the Syrian army, serves Ankara’s desire to seize the largest possible area of ​​Syrian territory.
This comes at a time when the «« Associated Press »US according to« Russia today », that President Donald Trump agreed to expand the military« mission »of the occupation forces aimed at stealing oil fields in northeastern Syria, where US officials likely to be the total number These forces have at least 800 soldiers, including about 200 in al-Tanf in southern Syria.
The Syrian Arab Army entered the day before on Tuesday, to the Mulla Abbas oil field of the Rumilan oil fields in Qamishli, northeastern Syria.
Washington is trying to complete its colonial role in Syria, both politically and militarily, through its forces, which are carrying out acts of robbery and looting of Syrian oil.This was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry recently, where it published pictures showing tank convoys transporting oil outside Syria under the guard of the US military.
Democratic Senator Tim Keane described Trump’s decision to keep US military forces in eastern Syria as “misleading,” saying it was not just reckless, but illegal.
Senator Bob Menendez, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called for a reassessment of the relationship between his country and the Turkish regime based on its aggressive behavior and the dramatic decline of democracy under Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the Hawar Kurdish Agency.
“Unfortunately, Turkey under Erdogan does not embody any of the values ​​of the alliance,” said Menendez. “Turkey under Erdogan should not be seen as a NATO ally, calling for specific sanctions on the Turkish regime for its bad behavior in Syria.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Washington moves to raise its troops to 800 elements and a US senator: reckless and illegal decision … Moscow: US plans to loot Syrian oil resemble the actions of Hitler

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