German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that there is no solution in Syria except in a political process, hours after Berlin rejected an American request to send ground troops to the country, while Britain and France confirmed their compliance with Washington’s orders.
“She remains convinced that only a political process based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254 under the umbrella of the United Nations is appropriate to end the bloodshed in Syria, build confidence and start a national reconciliation,” Merkel said. .
Merkel stressed that the political process could give Syrian citizens, as well as Syrians displaced abroad, the opportunity to “determine the political future of their own country in a fair election.”
She stressed that in cooperation with the United Nations and international partners, “the Federal Government will continue to make an effort to move this political process forward. Unfortunately, progress is now very slow. “
The US administration’s envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, raised the debate about the use of German ground forces in Syria, where he asked Germany during his visit to Berlin last Friday, additional support to fight the organization calling for the terrorist, said: «We want ground forces from Germany to replace our soldiers partially”.
But Germany on Sunday rejected a call by the United States to send ground troops to Syria in a position that points to differences between Washington and Western countries over America’s demand that these countries send troops to replace the US occupation forces that will withdraw from Syria.
“When I say that the government’s vision is to abide by the current procedures in the (military) coalition against Da’ash, this does not include ground forces, as is known,” the German government spokesman Stephane Seppart told a regular news conference.
According to Reuters, Germany’s refusal to ask the United States to deploy ground troops in Syria is likely to anger US President Donald Trump, who wants German Chancellor Angela Merkel to play a bigger military role in the Middle East.
Germany was one of the countries participating in the “international coalition” led by Washington claiming to fight the organization calling the terrorist, was supposed to end the task of German troops on October 31, but German Foreign Minister Hikku Mas explained during a visit to Iraq last month that it can be extended, The German parliament, which has to approve any extension, will discuss the matter in September at the earliest.
In contrast to the German rejection, Britain and France agreed to send additional troops to Syria to fill the vacuum created by the United States’ reduction in the number of its troops in the country, according to the website of Russia Today.
The two countries plan to increase the number of their own elite forces in Syria by between 10 and 15 percent in order to fight the rest of the organization, the paper quoted US officials as saying.
For its part, quoted the newspaper «Foreign Policy» sources, according to agency «Sputnik» Russian news agency that the timetable for the increase in the number and number of unknown, noting that the administration was “disappointed with the general” of talks with allies on the provision of additional resources to fight the organization advocated in Syrian.
After the German rejection, America came to Denmark to send troops to Syria, and to train the militia of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, according to the Politiken newspaper.
The newspaper pointed out, according to the agency «Anatolia» Turkish news that the subject was put up for discussion in the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Danish parliament.
The newspaper said that the new government, which began its functions last month is in a critical situation, because it must choose between Turkey, the United States.
She pointed out the avoidance of the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs to comment on the subject, while it is unclear how Denmark is dealing with the US demand.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Washington begs Denmark to send its troops .. Britain and France comply with its orders … Merkel: There is no solution in Syria only a political process

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