Calm yesterday returned to the area of ​​de-escalation in Idlib on the eleventh day of the ceasefire, after a day of skirmishes and breaches carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra, in most front lines with the Syrian Arab Army.
A field source in the southern countryside of Idlib told Al-Watan: The truce, which came with a Russian initiative and which the Syrian army has committed to, lasted steadily yesterday compared to the previous day. Clashes or entry of the Syrian Air Force on the front line.
The source denied what was circulated yesterday by opposition media sources about the withdrawal of the Syrian army from the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the southern countryside of Idlib and Mork, which includes the ninth Turkish observation point in the northern countryside of Hama. Al-Nusra and its associated terrorist organizations and militias of the Turkish regime.
The source added: «can not in any way sacrifice the achievements of the Syrian army, and the blood of its soldiers and brave officers, and can not go back in the record of army tournaments, and abandon any inch cleared during the military army operation, which will continue if ordered to do so».
He pointed out that the army has made a slight change in the map of its deployment in Khan Sheikhoun, Murk and surrounding areas, to increase the efficiency of its position in line with field conditions, which some interpreted as a final withdrawal from some sites.
He stressed that the Syrian army’s eye is still on the highway that connects Hama with Aleppo completely to restore it to the legitimacy of the Syrian state and open it to traffic and transit as before before the control of terrorist organizations, as a first stage and under the agreement «Sochi».
An opposition media source close to Al-Nusra confirmed to Al-Watan that the letters sent yesterday by the general manager of the so-called Army of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab in HTS are the umbrella of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, nicknamed Abu Abed Ashdah during his video recording. On Instagram, its main objective is to sound the alarm against his colleagues after losing the popular incubator following the recent setbacks by the Syrian army, in addition to exposing the financial and administrative corruption of al-Nusra and the endless abuses against the sons of Idlib and those displaced to it by its members and leaders.
The source expected to worsen the divisions within Al-Nusra, and a new wave of splits in the ranks of its leaders and increased liquidation operations among them, as evidenced by the assassination of the prominent leader, Abu Abdullah Al-Mohsen Al-Jazrawi, yesterday at Saraqeb water station.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

«Victory» without incubator and expect divisions and liquidation of leaders in its ranks … The return of calm to «de-escalation» and appointed the army on the road to Aleppo – Hama

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