As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks loudly against the shrinking of his agreements with Washington beyond what he had planned, a US military delegation landed yesterday at the Turkish Chief of Staff to coordinate efforts for what the Turkish Defense Ministry statement described as the establishment of a “safe zone” east of the Euphrates.
After talks between Turkish and US military delegations began at the Turkish Chief of Staff headquarters in Ankara, the Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement, according to the Anatolia news agency: “The ongoing talks with the visiting US military delegation to Ankara, on the establishment of” safe area “In Syria, will be completed (today) Wednesday, in the Joint Operations Center in the district of Agca Castle in the southern province of فةanlıurfa.”
The statement said that yesterday’s talks, which were attended by the US side, Deputy Commander of the US forces in Europe Stephen Tweety, and Deputy Commander of the US Central Forces Thomas Bergson, “ended.”
On a parallel line, the head of the Turkish regime said during a meeting with a US delegation headed by Trade Minister Wilbur Ross in Ankara: «Turkey expects the United States to stand with it in the fight against terrorism, and the formation of safe areas to allow the return of Syrian refugees».
Erdogan pointed out that Turkey can no longer afford a new wave of asylum from Syria, and that terrorist organizations constitute the biggest obstacle to the return of Syrians, stressing that «this entity (the organization« Democratic Union – Ba Ya Da »Kurdish) is ethnic cleansing and displacement of the population “It threatens the lives and property of Turkish citizens, so it must be removed from the list of threats.”
Erdogan said Turkey was “very disturbed” by the fact that the United States was sending about 50,000 trucks loaded with weapons and ammunition to what he called terrorist groups in northeastern Syria, and called for the realization of his dream of establishing the so-called “safe area” as soon as possible.
In turn, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Caoşoغلlu expressed his belief that Washington is trying to disrupt the implementation of the agreement to establish a “safe”, and said: It has so far only taken formalities on it.
He stressed that «Turkey has a plan ready, and can clear these areas», pointing out that «if we do not get results from cooperation with Washington, we will enter these areas» and means east of the Euphrates.
On the other hand, the US Central Command «Centcom», according to the «Hawar» Kurdish news agency: The «continued success of» security mechanism »will prevent ISIS from reappearing in northern and eastern Syria, and allow the coalition and our partners of the« Syrian Democratic Forces »to remain focused To defeat ISIS. ”
The US-Turkish meeting in Ankara is to discuss key issues related to the implementation of the security mechanism in northern and eastern Syria, Centcom said, adding that the meeting will discuss future support for the Joint Operations Center and other key activities that support the progress and management of the security mechanism.
For his part, in an attempt to justify their acquiescence to the US and Turkish occupation, the president of the Kurdish Democratic Peace Party and one of the founders of the Syrian Democratic Council-Massad, Talal Mohammed, claimed according to opposition websites: that the role of the United States began to conduct joint patrols with the Turkish army in «Safe Zone», to spare these areas from a Turkish military operation as happened west of the Euphrates!
On the same line, local sources said that the US occupation helicopters carried out an airdrop yesterday by the lake of Al-Bassel dam towards the east, reaching Wadi Al-Raml, and another in Al-Haddajah village in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah amidst fear and panic among the residents as a result of heavy shooting and attempted terrorizing civilians Two unidentified people were killed.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

US military delegation in Turkey to cool the position with them on the “safe” … Ankara: Washington has so far taken only formality

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