Again, the dominant terrorist militias in Idlib countryside attempted to violate the declared truce there and escalate the attacks by targeting the army points stationed in the western countryside of Hama in order to create a field situation parallel to the current escalation east of the Euphrates.
A field source told Al-Watan that the terrorist groups stationed in Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside, and the militias of the so-called “Operation and Incitement Chamber of the Believers”, assaulted by snipers, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades on Al-Karakat hill and the villages of Al-Huwaiz, Al-Jeed, Al-Raseef, and Naour Shata rural areas of Hama west and north-west. This resulted in the fall of a martyr and material damage to the villages in question.
A terrorist group also attacked army checkpoints in Hamra village north of Qal’at al-Mudiq, according to the source, who explained that the army responded to these attacks with heavy artillery, which destroyed sites and points of terrorists in the villages of Tal Wasit and Mansoura, and the sources of rocket fire in Jabal Shahshabo, with direct injuries.
The source added that the army, with its heavy artillery, also built positions and points for the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies in Marzita, Tah, Maarat Harmah, Babolin, the outskirts of the village of Tahtaya and Hazarin, and the axis of the abandoned battalion, Tawil al-Milib and al-Musharrafa in the southern and southeastern Idlib countryside, with direct injuries.
Al-Nusra militants continued to prevent civilians from leaving Idlib through the Abu Dhour crossing, firing several shells that landed at the first point of the crossing, to terrorize citizens wishing to leave the terrorist areas towards safe-control areas.
In parallel, the military engineering unit of the Syrian Arab Army announced the destruction of a tunnel south of Idlib province, which was used by militants to conceal ammunition, as well as workshops for making drones.
A military source said, according to the site «Russia Today»: The munitions found in the tunnel obtained by militants from the United States and NATO countries «NATO», pointing out that the Syrian army confiscated them.
He pointed out that these tunnels usually have other branches and are equipped with electricity and contain holes for ventilation, stressing that dozens of tunnels have been destroyed in Idlib since the beginning of the war, which was sheltered by militants during the air raids.
On the other hand, a military convoy belonging to the Turkish occupation entered the area of ​​Jarablus on the border with Turkey, and spread in the region, while there was information according to opposition media sources, that the armed militias of the Turkish occupation, will go from the area of ​​Afrin and areas of Jarablus and Bab to the vicinity of Manbij To participate in the Turkish aggressive action expected there.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

US and NATO weapons found in tunnel for Idlib terrorists … Attacks continue north, army responds

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