I leave behind a huge legacy of years and decades of experience to begin counting our calamities, setbacks and victories that were few, but thanks to which we are still alive.
I knew a friend who started writing after the 80’s and published the first book of his long-lived papers, because he simply believes that life is a train that is moving forward and only knows stops at power stations to continue the journey.
I know a great artist who was suffering from a malignant disease that was planning to play the next days before her departure from our world. There is no place for despair or pessimism.
From the beginning of our journey in this life we ​​have been looking for love and loaf of bread, we may not die of starvation, but we are thirsty for a beloved we have waited for thousands of years.
Today, I am tired of walking on rugged paths and razor wire, which are the titles of our current reality, which is steeped in pain and saturated with dioxide of corruption. From my scattered letters as a pearl necklace, his beads were plunged into a field of colorful florals to form an exquisite random painting that fascinates the eyes.
I said once: delayed trains, ships and aircraft, and delayed the arrival of witch boys waited for many years, and dried our hearts in the stations and ports, and we are still waiting, is the sky falling bread and love, and colorful flowers have reached the end of the journey, but the least?
I am trying to make my new dreams come after the old dreams evaporated from the heat suffered by the bad time, perhaps the most successful today failed in yesterday.
No matter how much I fate and treacherous in my time and deny me some humans and preceded me age and left the sky of the moon, I will continue to write on the sheets of luminous words of love and passion and beauty, and phrases of poetry and prose to say with the radiance of each sun: life is sweet, and worth living, and inevitably go on The journey of searching for fugitive joy since ages, and the love hiding behind the gate of age, and because we are the sons of life, do not defeat us darkness, and thorns do not injure us, and do not fall on the first intersection, we will draw charming paintings and make them our homes where we rest after long trouble.
It is just my dreams to wake up from the grinding vortex that we live in, waiting for the beautiful tomorrow to come, and if the corrupt cohort rested from my writings that disturb them, I promise them that I will return to them soon, and today it was a short unilateral truce.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Unilateral truce! – Al-Watan Newspaper

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