While Moscow declared its agreement with Riyadh, considering the elimination of terrorism a major task in Syria, the Arab statements witnessed a positive move towards Damascus, expressed by the UAE, Egypt and Kuwait, in a striking sign coming days before the next Arab summit.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during a joint press conference with his Kuwaiti counterpart, Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, that Moscow maintains diplomatic and military channels of communication with Washington on Syria, which is in the interest of realizing the reality of developments there.
“Moscow and Riyadh regard the elimination of terrorism in Syria as a key task,” Lavrov was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency Sputnik. “When we talk about agreement on the main issues of the Syrian settlement, we mean first, Saudi Arabia, Other countries concerned seek to eradicate terrorism in Syrian territory. Secondly, Saudi Arabia, like us, considers it important not only to send humanitarian aid to Syria, but also to help create conditions for the return of refugees. “
Lavrov, who toured the Gulf in the United Arab Emirates also reiterated during a press conference with his UAE counterpart Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the need to eliminate terrorism in Syria and restore the sovereignty of the Syrian state on all its territory.
For his part, the UAE Foreign Minister stressed that his country is keen on the presence of an Arab role in Syria, pointing out that the absence of this role is not wise in light of increasing Turkish influence and “Iranian”.
Al Nahyan said that it is necessary to contain the Syrian crisis, so that Syria is part of the Arab region. He pointed out that Abu Dhabi’s decision to open its embassy in Damascus came to start this process.
He added: The success of containing the Syrian crisis, “needs a role of the Arab parties and a role also from Damascus, but we are still far from this situation, and there is an intention and desire, but that requires the work of all parties.”
“The start of the political process in Syria and its return to its Arab family will be a great pleasure for us in the State of Kuwait,” he said.
Later, the Egyptian foreign minister said during his speech at the 151st session of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers, held yesterday at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, that it is no longer acceptable to continue bleeding and depletion of resources in the hotbeds of open crises in the region. It is time to return to serious and fair negotiations leading to the political settlement necessary to the crisis in sisterly Syria, in order to achieve the legitimate demands of the Syrian people, rebuild the institutions of the Syrian state, and allow confronting terrorism and the return of Syria to its natural place among its Arab brothers?
On the other hand, President Donald Trump announced his retreat from the decision to withdraw all his forces from Syria and his consent to keep troops in the east of the country, amid an attempt by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to legitimize the occupation by turning it into a multinational force!
Yesterday, the US president responded to lawmakers with full approval to keep US troops in Syria, and wrote, according to NBC News, on the lawmakers’ speech in his own hand: “I totally agree 100 percent.”
The transcript showed that Trump highlighted a clause on the purpose of maintaining the US presence in Syria.
“We seek to ensure that all the gains made in Syria are not lost and that the terrorist organization is never returned,” as the United States invokes the existence of an advocacy organization to justify its occupation of Syria.
US State Department spokesman Robert Paladino said yesterday that US forces in northeastern Syria would be part of a multinational force. “While the transition is taking place, we will continue to work with allies and partners to clean the liberated areas and carry out operations,” State Department spokesman Robert Paladino said. Specific to combat terrorism and support efforts to restore stability ».
Paladino declined to specify which countries would participate in the multinational force.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

UAE, Kuwait and Egypt recall the Arab role of Syria and calls for “return”! … Moscow: The sovereignty of the Syrian state must be restored throughout its territory

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