MOSCOW (Reuters) – Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Russia next month to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the latest developments in the region, Moscow announced on Wednesday.
“Erdogan will visit Moscow next month, during which he will meet with President Putin,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agency RIA Novosti. The two sides will hold a high-level meeting on April 8 to discuss the latest developments in the region.
Biskov said that the meeting includes participation in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Russian-Turkish cooperation, to be held in Moscow next month.
For his part, said the office of the head of the Turkish press system in a statement quoted by the agency «Sputnik» Russian, that the latter is expected to visit Russia on April 8 next.
Erdogan had a visit to Russia on January 23 last, during which he met with President Putin and discussed files related to the Syrian issue, led by the city of Idlib and the “safe area” promoted by Washington in the north of Syria.
The meeting, to be held next April, comes amidst the violations witnessed by the Idleb Agreement, which is being carried out by the terrorist organizations supported by Erdogan.
Moscow hosted at the end of last month high-level talks between the Russian and Turkish sides focused on fighting terrorism in Syria and recent developments on the Syrian arena after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the troops of his country from Syria.
The meeting was followed by a telephone conversation between Turkish Chief of Staff Yasar Guler and his US counterpart Joseph Danford, during which they discussed military relations between the two countries and recent developments related to the security situation in Syria, according to a statement issued by the Spokesman for the US Staff, Patrick Ryder. .
The statement said that the contact was held last Wednesday and that they also “discussed” the stage related to the completion of the so-called “road map” related to Mnbaj. They stressed the importance of continued cooperation between their countries in counter-terrorism efforts to eliminate the militants of the organization, According to the statement.
In June 2018, the Turkish regime and the United States reached a “road map” agreement around Manbaj, northeast of Aleppo, which included the removal of Kurdish forces backed by Washington and prepared by Turkey as terrorist organizations from the region.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Turkish and American Staffs discussed the development of the security situation in Syria … a meeting between Putin and Erdogan next month to discuss the situation in the region

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