With the high frequency of clashes, and the continuous response to the attempts of violations and attacks on the civilians of the northern Hama, increased leaks that confirm the preparation for the implementation of chemical attacks and invoke plays accused of the Syrian army.
The Sputnik agency quoted local sources in Idlib as saying that the gunmen of the so-called “Sham Liberation Organization”, the current front of Nasra, transferred several cylinders of “chlorine gas” last Tuesday with a tractor trailer loaded with herbs from the city hospital Jisr al-Shughur, in the south-western part of the village of Idlib, to Khan Shaykhun, the far east of the governorate, near the administrative border with Hama.
At the same time, field commanders in Nasra held a meeting with members of the White Helmets, and information was given to them that they should be fully prepared, given what they said was information about an imminent attack by the Syrian army through the Khan Sheikun axis.
On the other hand, a media source told al-Watan that units of the army targeted the movements of terrorists in the village of Labaa and the city of Murk in the northern countryside of Hama, killing many of them and injuring others. Army units threw stones at the sites and Okara of the terrorists in Hawiz, Karakat, Koura and Shahranaz Jabriya and the outskirts of the fortress of the strait in the western suburb of Hama, which led to the destruction of the heads of those who were hiding in it.
As the Watan predicted, the Turkish army resumed yesterday the monitoring patrols in the “demilitarized zone” after the Turkish negotiators reached understandings with the Front of Victory.
A source close to the «victory» for «homeland», that a patrol of Turkish control of 10 military mechanisms entered already yesterday morning, 35 km west of Idlib, coming from the Khirbet al-Joz crossing in the western province, and settled in a point Turkish observation in the town to go to the “demilitarized” in the western Hama, before going to the town of Karkur in the countryside itself, to reach the next Turkish observation point in the town of Shira Maghar north of Hama.
The source suggested that the militia of the “Sham Corps”, affiliated to the National Liberation Front, close to Turkey, to protect the Turkish patrol in the rest of its stations, after settling the objection “victory” on the matter as in the first.
Military experts told al-Watan that Ankara hoped to continue its patrols within the “demilitarized” to meet some of its obligations to Moscow to prevent a military operation by the Syrian army towards the region. The move would include the entire region, followed by the opening of the two international routes between Aleppo And Hama and Lattakia, in front of traffic and transit as soon as possible.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Turkey to resume patrols in “demilitarized” … “chemical” preparations in the north .. The army targets the terrorists of the countryside of Hama

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