The situation of the relative calm that prevailed in the north has not changed, and the armed forces have renewed their reaction. The army’s continued response to these violations, which extended yesterday to the eastern outskirts of Morak in the northern suburbs of Hama, continues.
An information source told Al-Watan that units of the army confronted yesterday morning terrorist groups that attempted to infiltrate from the Morak, Lachayeb and al-Saqr areas in the northern Hama district. They also fired weapons from the demilitarized zone towards military points.
An army unit also foiled an attempt to infiltrate terrorists from the Mashik axis in the western outskirts of Hama towards a military checkpoint, many of them killed and wounded by rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
In the countryside of Idlib, the army prevented terrorist groups from infiltrating into their points from the axis of Tamlala and grazing and deterring the demilitarized zone, and dealt with them with appropriate firearms.
The source pointed out that the army responded to these violations, targeting heavy artillery sites and points of movement and spread in the vicinity of the city of Murk and the victims of Kafrzita in the northern countryside of Hama, and the outskirts of the western outskirts, which led to the death and injury of many terrorists.
Turkey has failed to impose security and stability in the areas it occupied with the support of its armed militias during the military operations launched under the name of “Euphrates Shield” and “Olive Branch” in the northern and northern parts of Aleppo.
Sources and other opposition groups close to the so-called «National Army», which runs security militias in the areas of the «Euphrates» in Graves and the sponsor and the house and the door and Azaz, and in the area «olive branch» Afrin, confirmed to the «homeland», the leaders of the Turkish occupation army in that The regions recognized the impossibility of establishing security and stability in them, because they relied on armed militias that are inconsistent in their orientation, beliefs and aspirations to impose this on the population.
The sources quoted a senior Turkish military commander who met yesterday with leaders of the militias of the «National Army» in the city of the door as saying: «can not bring you safety and prosperity as you fight, and seek more privileges and raise funds at the expense of parents even though The way they sell drugs and weapons to fight us »!
The source pointed out that the situation of security chaos in the door, is likely to further escalation, with the continued strikes and demonstrations against the Turkish occupier, and blackmail his militias to the people who demand the expulsion of the occupiers and the release of detainees.
She pointed out that it is not different in the rest of the cities and towns, especially in Afrin and Tripoli, which was occupied by Turkey, which is hit by booby traps on a daily basis, leaving victims and wounded many in the ranks of militias and civilians, although long enough to occupy, But buying the conscience and conscience of terrorists does not provide a dignified and secure life for any of the occupied territories, “said the leader of an Arab tribe in the door to al-Watan.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Turkey fails to impose security in the “Euphrates Shield” and “olive branch” … Terrorist groups violate the calm of the North Caution and the army responds

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