Amidst a state of generous Turkish media preparation for what is being promoted about a possible aggression on the east of the Euphrates, Ankara’s lingering seemed clear ahead of a military option that did not appear to have received the required US approval, nor the necessary regional approval, to reveal the last hours of operations. Limited military positions have not exceeded the Syrian borders so far, while there have been remarkable positions by some leaders of the militia «SDF» expresses its willingness to partner with the Syrian state.
Turkish warplanes were targeting yesterday, the headquarters of the «Kurdish» units in the village of Khamdah in Hasaka, northeastern Syria, and Turkish artillery fired bursts towards the sheikhs in the countryside of Ain al-Arab.
A source from Jarablus in Aleppo countryside told Al-Mayadeen TV to enter 25 vehicles, armored vehicles and heavy military vehicles from Karkamish Turkish crossing. According to the source, a field hospital was established with the latest Turkish equipment beside the crossing.
For its part, Turkey announced the completion of its preparations for a military operation in northeastern Syria, and sent 10 trucks loaded with tanks to the border, and according to Anatolia Agency, has arrived a military convoy of 80 armored to the region of “Iskenderun Brigade”, in parallel with a statement by the Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed “Zero tolerance for the establishment of a terrorist corridor on the country’s borders,” the Turkish statement said.
For its part, the Turkish parliament approved the extension of the mandate given to direct the Turkish armed forces to launch military operations in Syria and Iraq for a year.
The resolution, voted in favor of most members of parliament, where the Justice and Development Party (AKP), led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is to extend the mandate for military operations in Turkey’s two neighboring countries until October 30, 2020.
Meanwhile, the SDF militia announced its full readiness to respond strongly to any Turkish attack on Syrian territory. The deputy chairman of the so-called “Syrian Democratic Council-Massad” Luqman Ahmi confirmed that Turkey had not carried out any military operations inside Syrian territory.
“Our military forces have declared their position explicitly against any aggression against them, and they will defend the people of the region with all their components,” Ahmi said, adding that in the event of a Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, it is ready to defend. this area”.
In parallel with these developments, the so-called “SDF-SDF” commander, Mazloum Kobani, announced that the militia is considering the option of alliance with the Syrian Arab Army, to confront the Turkish occupation in case the Turkish regime launches military aggression against Kurdish militias in eastern Euphrates.
“One of the SDF options on the table is a partnership with President Bashar al-Assad to confront Turkey,” Kobani told NBC News, but he called on the American people to pressure President Donald Trump to help America’s allies. !
The Kurdish-led authorities in northern Syria may start talks with Damascus and Moscow to fill any security vacuum if US troops withdraw completely from the border area with Turkey, or the SDF militia leader Badran Jia Kurd, according to Reuters. Responding to the Turkish attack Meetings and contacts may be held in the event of a vacuum.
On the other hand, French Prime Minister, Edward Philippe, criticized the United States for what he called “hesitation” in northeastern Syria, and Philippe told French MPs: “The war on ISIS is not over and we continue to cooperate with the Syrian Democratic Forces.” “Talking steadily and consistently is better than responding with a clear hesitation (shown by) specific partners, especially American friends,” he said.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Turkey continues its preparations with limited movement of its forces … Officials «SDF»: ready to partner with Damascus to face the aggression

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