The frequency of military aircraft targeting terrorists’ strongholds in the north has not subsided, with stability in the field control map, despite the desperate attempts by terrorist groups, to cause a breach in these areas.
A field source told al-Watan that warplanes raided the movements and locations of terrorist groups since yesterday morning and until the hour of preparing this article, killing many of them and wounding others and destroying their military equipment.
The source confirmed that the terrorist groups targeted yesterday afternoon, the town of Khattab in the northern countryside of Hama several rocket-propelled grenades, causing fires in fields planted with wheat and barley.
The army responded to the sources of fire and threw heavy artillery at the points of the spread of terrorists in Murk, Altamna, Kafarzita, Zakat, forty, the forehead and the fisherman, which led to the death and injury of many of them.
In the meantime, while the center of the forehead Tal Talh is the focus of intermittent clashes with the terrorists, there has been no change on the map of the field, and the terrorists could not cause any breach in this front, despite repeated attempts to that, which was offset by the military fire and various weapons inflicted heavy losses on individuals and gear , Said opposition sources close to the armed militias of Turkey in Idlib to «home», that the Turkish liaison officers at the Turkish checkpoints, told the leaders of the militias to “stability” in their current positions in the countryside Idlib and Hama and Lattakia, against the progress of the Syrian army until the end of the month Ongoing.
The sources explained that the Turkish regime Egypt “improved” the field conditions of the militias of the «National Liberation Front» and «the army of pride» and the «Nasra Front» in the northern and northern north and north and north and north Lattakia, To open fronts of occupation, or stop progress towards their areas of dominance in anticipation of the expected meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with Russian President Vladimir Putin and American Donald Trump, separately, on the sidelines of the G20 in Osaka, Japan on 28 and 29 this month.
The sources pointed out that it has not been officially announced, the holding of bilateral meetings between Erdogan and Putin and Trump, but the efforts of the Turkish regime is focused in this direction to discuss many issues of common concern, primarily the situation in Idlib, and Erdogan’s continued pursuit of a cease-fire, And the return to work agreement “demilitarized zone,” which reached with his Russian counterpart mid-September last, and the same field data that the Syrian army has replaced for the benefit of the clearance of about 20 villages and towns.
The sources pointed out that Erdogan wants to strengthen the position of his military militias, and his position to negotiate with the Russian and American presidents through the “arrangements” in his package, to reach a new “understandings” after pressure on Moscow, which refused to respond repeatedly to his calls for a ceasefire in Idlib and neighboring countryside Despite the fact that he was given successive opportunities as guarantor of the agreement, before the Syrian army began its military operation at the end of last month, with the support of the Russian air force.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Turkey asks its militias to “hold” until the end of this month … No violations of the north and warplanes targeting the terrorists of the Hama countryside

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