Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Najda Anzour, considered that the new US blockade law called “Caesar”, which came under the name “protecting civilians”, is in fact targeting all civilians of the Syrian people.
In a special statement to “Al-Watan”, Anzour indicated that despite the United States controlling the global money movement, different channels have been freed from this monopoly, including, for example, Cuba, the DPRK, Russia, and even Syria itself, and this may enable us to establish a productive and resisting economy, Little reliance on external import, and the rehabilitation of various local production engines, on their institutional bearings from an integrated industry with agriculture and providing the necessary services to them, indicating that President Bashar al-Assad was referring to the need to focus on the micro and small sector, which must be found Advertising programs and died He hoped his government’s policy, then will not have this blockade increasingly unfair that influence on our country, knowing that in the text came to protect civilians, which does not target civilians, but all of the Syrian people.
Regarding the role of Syria’s allies in mitigating the effects of this “law”, Anzour considered that when trade exchange is strengthened and economic policies are integrated and the individual in these countries does not wait for goods and facilities from the West, then we can say that the effect of this alliance has become a real shadow on the ground And this is possible and in need of not only real wills but administrations that simulate these wills, stressing that this “law” will not have much impact on the situation in Syria, especially with attempts to create alternatives.
Yesterday, US President Donald Trump signed the “Caesar Law to Protect Civilians in Syria” directed against the Syrian people and state, against attempts to rebuild, and to rise again from the effects of the ongoing war left by Washington’s tools of terrorists.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Trump signs the “Caesar” law … Anzour to “Al-Watan”: It targets civilians from the Syrian people

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