Gas distribution operations continued to citizens since yesterday morning in Homs, despite the exposure of three oil installations in the governorate to terrorist terrorist attacks that were likely to have occurred through drones.
While the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem emphasized that these attacks are one of the terrorist chapters for the systematic targeting of the oil sector, the governor of Homs Talal Al-Barazi considered that this terrorist attack is a desperate behavior from the enemies of the country after the successive victories of the Syrian Arab Army and the new achievements that he recently achieved in each of Aleppo Idlib.
In details, yesterday morning a number of oil installations in Homs and its countryside were subjected to simultaneous terrorist attacks on the Homs refinery and gas plant south of the central region and Al Rayyan Gas Station, which caused several fires and caused material damage to some of the production units.
The governor of Homs said in a special statement to “Al-Watan”, that the attacks came by air with missiles or warplanes, pointing out that investigations are underway to find out the causes of these attacks, pointing out that these attacks did not and will not affect the operations of distributing gas and diesel materials to citizens, indicating That, since 6:00 am, gas cars began to download and receive their allocations from the gas cylinders for distribution to the people as is the custom.
Al-Barazi explained that one of the gas containers was lost in the Homs refinery and one of the production units was damaged by the attacks, stressing that the fire was controlled and completely extinguished in the early morning hours, pointing out that there are other tanks sufficient to cover the needs of citizens, and that the production units that were damaged need For a few weeks to fix it, indicating that the southern central laboratory was also targeted and that fire and damage were controlled minor and negligible.
He pointed to the great efforts and readiness made and proven by firefighters to control the fire, pointing out that the series of terrorist attacks that targeted vital installations from the beginning of the war until now, whether directly from the enemy or indirectly through its agents, is evidence that the war continues on the people The Syrian did not end and did not stop and take its military, political and economic form.
Al-Barazi considered that this terrorist attack is a desperate behavior from the enemies of the country after the successive victories of the Syrian Arab Army and the new achievements that he recently achieved in both Aleppo and Idlib.
In turn, Ghanem said in a statement to reporters during his inspection of the refinery: “The attack caused damage to some of the production units, and that this targeting of the three oil sites is systematic and simultaneous, causing damage to some of the production units and the exit of a number of these units in the three sites from work, pointing to Technical workshops began with assessing the damage and starting maintenance and repair work after controlling the fires and extinguishing them during the first hours of their outbreak.
And Ghanem indicated that the workers in the plant in the south of the central region worked to spare the plant a major problem through a technical procedure represented by transferring gas directly to a network without entering the factory.
He said: «What we have seen of the attacks, is one of the chapters of the systematic targeting of the oil sector, which was targeted directly or indirectly through the blockade throughout the war, stressing that this terrorist attack will not affect domestic gas and that the readiness to deal with any attack has been raised.
For his part, the general manager of the Homs refinery, Haitham Musker, stated in a statement to “Al-Watan” that the terrorist attack on the refinery came mostly by air via drones, explaining that the targeting was with five rocket shells with a length of about 30 cm, one of which hit a gas tank, not It contains only a very small amount of gas and caused a hole in it from the top by about 10 cm. It will be repaired by restoring the patch and using it again, while another shell hit the pipe of one of the refinery units and the fire was completely controlled and extinguished, while the other shells did not cause any other damage.
Musker pointed out that the 100 production unit was immediately rebooted and started the production process, and the rest of the units will continue to take off unit after unit.
The Director of Civil Defense in Homs, Brigadier General Nidal Mahala, told Al-Watan that the fire that broke out within the production collection unit was extinguished within less than two hours after controlling it, cooling the entire affected area and its surroundings, and following up the extinguishing of the fire that also broke out in the gas tank and controlling it after About 5 hours of ignition, while the damaged tank and the entire reservoir surrounding the site of the fire were immediately started.
For his part, the director of the opposition “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, Rami Abdel Rahman, according to the agency “AFP”: The three installations were targeted by drones, and ISIS is likely to be behind them.
These terrorist attacks on oil installations come at a time when the United States of America, in cooperation with the Turkish regime, is carrying out a described theft of Syrian oil and gas in the Al-Jazeera region, in which Washington imposes coercive measures and a siege on the Syrian people.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Three terrorist attacks targeting oil installations in Homs … Continues to distribute gas and fuel to citizens … Al-Barazi to «Al-Watan»: Desperate behavior from the enemies of the country

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