As the American director wanted, the United States and then its “Syrian Democratic Forces” finally announced the end of the play on ending the Al-Furat organization in the east of the Euphrates, despite reports of the continued presence of gunmen from the organization on a hill near the town of Al-Bagouz.
According to the news agency «AFP» news, the director of the media center in «Ksd» Mustafa Bali in a tweet on Twitter »yesterday said: it is the total elimination of the caller and« the loss of the organization of the territory of his control by 100 percent », after A full day of a similar announcement by US President Donald Trump.
The announcement of «Qusd» challenged the credibility of Trump, especially that Bali himself announced yesterday after Trump’s remarks «continue the fierce fighting around Mount Baguoz for the time being to eliminate any remnants of the poor».
The Syrian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, said on Friday that a supporter has not yet ended in Syria, and that the Syrian government is fighting the organization and not the United States, as quoted by Reuters, “while a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry questioned the credibility of the declaration Trump on the same day as well.
The AFP reported yesterday that the gunmen of Qusd raised a yellow flag on a building inside the last spot under the control of the organization in the Baguoz.
On the other hand, in a video broadcast by the BBC on its Facebook page, Firas Kilani confirmed that it was remarkable that there were no bodies (in Bagouz) where the camp was taken over four days ago and a large cleaning campaign was carried out inside the camp For the mines and the killers of the organization! “Yesterday night it was very hot and bombs were probably not used before, through the sounds we heard.
For his part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the opposition that “the fate of the leaders of the first row of the organization who were holed up in a cave in the farms of the Baguz during the last hours of the night, is still unknown!”
For his part, Kilani said in a video «BBC»: The rest of the organization’s gunmen are holed up in the foot of a rocky hill that was exposed during the past two nights to bomb a very large center in addition to the progress «Kd» towards the foot, but until the moment (yesterday afternoon) when we tried Progress through the axis near this hill we came under fire from the inside of the rocky hill.
The announcement of «Ksd» the end of the play «Albagouz» the last pockets of the organization in the east of the Euphrates after six months, which said it was a large offensive began in the countryside of Deir Al-Zor Eastern support of the «international coalition» led by America, during which the organization controls only a few kilometers very.
During this period, both the Alliance and Qusd tried to portray the matter as fierce battles between the two sides. However, what really happened was that an agreement was reached under which the siege of the besieged enclave in the eastern village of Deir al-Zour went to unknown destinations.
According to AFP, “Qusd” counted more than 67,000 people who had been released from the organization’s pocket since the beginning of the year, including five thousand arrested terrorists, as well as a large number of members of the organization’s armed families, including a large number of foreigners who were transferred To camps in particular the Hull camp (northeast).
For his part, revealed the leader of «Qsd», Mazloum Abdi, killing 11 thousand militants from «Qsad» and injured more than 21 thousand different injuries due to their war with the organization, according to opposition sites.
However, AFP considered that “the resolution of the battle in the Deir al-Zour area does not mean the end of the danger of the organization, in light of its ability to move dormant cells in areas beyond its control and continued presence in the vast Syrian desert.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

There are no bodies in the «Albagos» .. And «BBC» talk about armed gunmen in a nearby hill! … After Trump .. «Qsd» declares the end of the «play» the elimination of the East East Euphrates

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