As soon as the unrest begins in any country, the West will turn to address its citizens in the country concerned and leave the warning to all its citizens not to go to the country concerned for their security and safety. But do these Westerners care that our citizens and citizens have a human life worth the lives of their citizens? ? Why all this tampering with our countries and all this targeting of our citizens and citizens and all these crimes committed against our people from Syria to Iran, Libya, Russia and Venezuela under the name of sanctions while they are crimes against humanity and collective punishment targeting hundreds of millions and the whole people? Is not this blatant discrimination between our citizens and our citizens racism? It is an expression of the persistence of insistence on the racist doctrine of superiority of Western peoples and white race to the rest of the races living on this planet? If we assume that the dynamics of events in the countries concerned have nothing to do with this West and that they are of local origin and orientation. And the accuracy of the two to steal more of the wealth of these peoples? The observer of the events in our dear Arab homeland feels that since the occupation of Iraq there are modern scenarios in these countries, but no one wants to believe in them or believe that they are realistic, serious and dangerous and that it is necessary to think and work hard to confront them using scenarios that use reason and thought in depth and intelligence itself Which targets us, when the Iraqis fought in Umm Qasr for more than two weeks and formed a dam in the way of the American invasion, all the Arabs looked good and said if Umm Qasr had fought this courage and to this extent to prevent the Americans from entering the Americans will fall like Alfarra And that Baghdad would teach them a lesson they would not forget. The harsh surprise was that Baghdad fell into the hands of the American occupation almost without a fight because the American intelligence had penetrated the ranks of the army and civilians and arranged a bunch of dollars and put the play of Saddam’s arrest and the disappearance of Saddam, An Arab ruler appears humiliating and humiliating otherwise they would have been able to eliminate it from the first moment. The experience in Libya was repeated less than a decade later using the same scenario and the local tools dependent on the will of those who target the countries in history, present and future. The first of these lessons is that the implementation of their plans depends on the breakthroughs they make in the nearest quarters and that they depend first and foremost on the fragility of the situation and the willingness of some to betray and treachery for a few dollars and promises to take power or even To be adopted as official opposition to the orders of the masters who target the country and the people, although all these experiences result in one result is the destruction of nationalities and looting of wealth and tampering with their capabilities and robbery of dignity for decades, so how we did not all work to read the events in logic Na, and to draw lessons and work to avoid this fate that our enemies are working to substitutable us and our people and Bdoulna? On the contrary, these scenarios produced terrorism of a new kind: that whoever goes out of the house of American obedience, “which is Israeli in its origin and objectives, will receive the same black fate as its predecessors. Instead of finding ways to respond to this, some countries In order to appease the Israeli president and his American confrontation in the hope that he will be satisfied and calm will prevail in their countries and remain the tools of government adopted at least for this visible period, that is, instead of studying the scenario and laying the foundations of its resistance and victory, In order to maintain its temporary security and to prevent the implementation of a similar scenario on its territory. In order to continue to weaken these countries and to deepen their fragmentation and increase their fragility it is forbidden for the Arab countries exclusively to coordinate one with the other except in the interest of the Zionist enemy and increasing its dependence on the American administration and then the Israeli administration The US is only a game in which Israel implements its policy. Otherwise, the fate of the American president will be similar to the fate of any Arab president who violates Israel. Any real Arab coordination that encourages two countries to achieve common interests and fulfill the wishes and aspirations of their citizens is prohibited. As well as the economic and social ties between the peoples of these countries, after almost two decades of very direct targeting of our countries, peoples and issues. After the American Zionist circles applied the same scenario in Iraq and Libya, now in Sudan and trying to apply it In Yemen, is not it time to understand the new foundations that we must offer to protect and immunize our peoples in our countries and cut off the way to buy the debts and break through the ranks, and through immunization, education and teaching that starts from the age of our nails and closes all doors in the face of a breakthrough Charges? It is not true that we are incapable and it is not true that we do not have the human resources capable of confronting their plans with science and work, but the methods of our work have not been able until today to blow up those energies that still aspire to emigrate and work in the West countries to take their range and exhaust their energies if they care about their subjects In our attempt to lift them out of the danger zones they have caused in our countries, our concern for our subjects requires us to re-read the living and modern history at least and rearrange the procedures for the protection of homeland and from childhood, and in areas far from the policy but proved to be areas Biofilms political manipulation and change the fate of nations and peoples.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Their nationals and our citizens – Al Watan newspaper

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