An atmosphere of optimism prevailed in the statements and statements that followed my meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Walid Al-Moallem and the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Mr. Pedersen yesterday, amid reports of significant progress on the way to complete the “constitutional” file. Damascus is able to impose its vision, National, and achieve wider representation of the segments of Syrian society.
Al-Watan learned from well-informed sources that the atmosphere of talks with the UN envoy was very positive. Damascus diplomacy was able to impose its vision on the mechanism of the committee to discuss the constitution and the names nominated to represent the various Syrian factions.
The source told Al-Watan that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants presented the UN envoy with several observations at the meeting he held with Al-Maalem in the morning and continued for two and a half hours, so that the UN envoy would return yesterday afternoon to the comments that focused on the voting mechanism within the committee. , And names that have been subject to controversy over the past months ».
The sources said that with regard to the voting mechanism, Damascus prefers that there be complete consensus, but in case of disagreement, it was agreed that the percentage of votes weighted at least 75% of the votes of the meeting.
Damascus and the UN envoy agreed months ago that the chairmanship of the committee is “joint.” Yesterday, the names of the committee’s chairmen were agreed upon without being disclosed by the two parties at the moment.
Piedersen is leaving Beirut this morning for a visit to Istanbul, carrying with him everything agreed in Damascus. Details will be announced in the next few days.
Al-Moallem met with Pedersen and the accompanying delegation yesterday. During the meeting, according to the official SANA agency, he discussed the formation of a committee to discuss the constitution and its working procedures. The two sides agreed that the constitutional process is a Syrian affair and belongs to the Syrians alone. Only those who are entitled to lead this process and determine its future without any external interference and according to its interests ».
In a statement to reporters after the meeting, Pedersen described his talks with Al-Moallem as “very good” and stressed that the meeting with al-Moallem “has made progress.” He said that “any results could be discussed after the second meeting scheduled for this day, With the Foreign Minister »and expatriates.
“I think we will make progress soon, and I think we are very close to reaching an agreement on the formation of the constitutional committee,” Pederson told reporters, according to the Sputnik agency.
“We also discussed the situation in Idlib, and we all have hope for a return of stability, and that the agreement (Russian-Turkish) will come into force.”
These developments coincided with a remarkable development coming from Moscow, which was announced by the Special Representative of the Russian President for Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, that the meeting of the formula of Astana on the crisis in Syria will be held on August 1 and 2 next in the Kazakh capital,
“The date of the meeting is specific and agreed upon with all concerned parties that may participate in the talks,” Bogdanov told Sputnik. “There are specific and concrete ideas that open the way for final agreement on the composition of the constitutional committee and the last third of it.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The teacher met twice and atmosphere of optimism prevailed meetings .. Moscow sets the date of Astana early next month … Pedersen leaves Damascus with an agreement on all the principles «constitutional»

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