After all the disasters that have descended upon the Arabs in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Yemen since the beginning of this century, the enemies of the Arab nation are returning to their war, which is characterized by the Arab Spring, the worst autumn that this nation has experienced. There is the entry of dear Algeria in the same path, which led to the results of the undesirable consequences in the sisters of the Arab countries mentioned above. In order to conclude from the beginning of one of the most important components of these crises, we know that our Arab homeland, with its geographical location and enormous underground wealth and a historical civilization, is an enemy that this country has always been the focus of greed and plans orientalists, colonists, Westerners and Zionists trying to change history and falsify its number in Iraq Syria and wherever possible in preparation for the establishment of their biblical state even after a hundred years from now. If the external targeting and all the tragedies that have afflicted our people in Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Syria is a deliberate, planned and deliberate targeting. In the time of the Arab Spring, it has received all the funding for terrorist tools that drove them to our homes. Where they failed to send their armies to defeat them, As many Arab states align themselves with Arab enemies against their brothers in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen, or change the “behavior of the regimes” as they have recently said. But knowing the reality of what is happening on the ground and the reasons for its success, even partially, must address the study of the Arab reality and refute the gaps that enabled the enemies to penetrate from deep into the country and implement their plans, which led to countries to destruction and destruction despite the will of the people and their desire to improve their reality. There is no doubt that millions who emerge spontaneously and emotionally aspire to improve their living reality and find a way of life and components of progress and prosperity much better than they have today. But why do it end again and again, with bitter and devastating consequences after the past era, despite all its loopholes and difficulties? There is no doubt that the mass of events and the exit of millions to the street, as is happening today in Algeria, is not a substitute for the presence of organized parties, working mechanisms and institutions. The masses to calculated and considered options results and outcome. But with an overview of the Arab reality from the ocean to the Gulf we notice a real absence of the role of elites in politics and society. This is a matter of concern because it does not reach this result between day and night. It is the result of educational, cultural and societal accumulations that need full research. In the last half of the last century, our people in Palestine have staged an influential exhibition. They have put pictures, some papers or traces of the assassinations of the Zionist entity in the last half of the last century, and through a review of the names and pictures from Naji al-Ali to Ghassan Kanafani, to dozens of them feel the great loss suffered by the case Palestinian and Arab nation through the assassination of the enemy. If we review the matter at the level of the nation, we see that there are different methods that brought the elites to the news that our societies, especially in the last half century, have been lost to the real, conscious and responsible elites willing to sacrifice for a cause they believe in or a future that they intend to make for future generations. I think that the issue of the absence of elites needs in-depth research and special treatment when we see countries such as India, Brazil, Indonesia and recently Rwanda, which still have poverty, destitution and problems, but elites have led them to high spaces aspiring to become among the developed countries scientifically, industrially, economically and economically. First, the second matter, which is no less important than the first, and is linked to it organically, is the absence of mechanisms of action and the absence of real institutions and the rules of activation and advancement, regardless of people coming or Zlain. This is what Arab countries have not been focusing on since gaining independence from foreign powers. At different stages of history, some countries have been recognized by national leaders who are national believers and have made a difference in the history, organization and development of the country, but the lack of permanent and developed mechanisms has made this progress and development linked to the same era without being able to cross and continue in the coming ages. The Arab scene today tells all these gaps to those who want to think openly and boldly. What these millions of people who are leaving their homes in Algeria need only leaders who take the lead and draw the road map and set priorities that reflect what the Algerians want in a peaceful and deliberate manner. There is no doubt that the public support for any important and fateful move, but that this move comes from parties, trade unions, organizations and elites that express what this people aspire to and put in place the real mechanisms of action to bring this people to safety. That is, the Arabs start a different path from what they have done to this day and that the collective awareness and the national position and the public issue is the master of the situation, otherwise the fragmentation between this position and that is what allowed in different countries to foreign and colonizer access to some of the countrymen who have been representing the interests of the enemies on behalf of Change and access to the best.
The absence of real mechanisms of action is what prevents the existence of party life, trade unionism and institutional actors and who wants to quote from the West as some do not have that active partisan life, but they compensated for the existence of large institutions with their own rules and laws. Indeed, some should stop quoting a position here and another from the life of Western countries because their course is radically different from our course. We must discover the factors of our weakness and strength here on our land and among our people and draw the example from our history instead of cutting and gluing where we are from the West , Which is not fat and does not sing hunger. To demonstrate the validity of this situation, we must only reflect on the Chinese example, which refused to follow Western democracy, develop the mechanisms of one-party action, and develop the frameworks and foundations of democracy within this one party, so that China would rise in a way that would also envy and fear the Chinese dragon and the future it makes for its people and perhaps the peoples. The world is also through its enormous idea: one belt is one way and that will change the future of all humankind. This is the only way to radical change in the Arab world and to repel the winds of aggression and foreign intervention and the attempts of occupation and hegemony, namely to study the gaps that brought this reality here and try to get rid of them through scientific studies planning moves and business and not leave emotion is leading the affairs of the country. The task seems difficult, no doubt it is, but it is not impossible. More importantly, the Arabs have lost in all other ways that have only led to weakness, humiliation, occupation and disregard for them at the regional and international levels. Is it from the beginning of reaching safety even after a while and after years of planning, work and fatigue and the establishment of mechanisms to build countries immune to the enemies and the losers of the people? Let us remember the verse: «God does not change what a people until they change what themselves».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

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