A member of the parliamentary delegation participating in the Forum for Sustainable Development in New York City Maha Shapiro said that the Syrian delegation’s statement delivered yesterday by Head of Delegation Sana AbuZayd stressed that development can not be carried out under the shadow of terrorism.
A parliamentary delegation led by Parliament Speaker Sana Abu Zaid and members of parliament Ahmad al-Kubbari, Hamed Hassan and Mha Shapiro arrived Saturday to participate in the parliamentary forum held at the UN headquarters in New York as part of their contribution to the high-level political forum for sustainable development .
In a telephone conversation conducted by Al Watan with Shpiro, she noted that the concerns of the Syrian people had been transferred, especially since the state was moving ahead of the war towards sustainable development and achieved a large part of it, considering that the terrorist war targeted all infrastructure, including education and health.
Shepiro explained that the forum will see Tuesday, according to local time in New York City, several workshops and delegations will be divided into groups and each deputy of the Syrian delegation will be in a group, noting that Thursday will be the final day and the issuance of recommendations.
The Forum will be held under the theme “Empowering people and ensuring universality and equality” to achieve the goals of the 17-year development plan, including the eradication of poverty.
During the past two days, a high-level meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development was held and discussed partnerships between governments, parliaments, international organizations, civil society, trade unions, local administrations, the private sector, foundations and academia and how these partnerships can be activated to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the sustainable development plan.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The People’s Assembly delegation continued its participation in New York Development Forum and delivered the speech of Syria … Shapiro to «homeland»: can not carry out development under terrorism

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