When someone raised his hands crying as soon as he saw me: “I came, and God answered you.” He shrank anxiously. Whenever I read this phrase, my ears find myself in an uncomfortable situation. It may be a request to borrow, and this is the lesser evil, but it is often used to request services that do not have energy for me. With it, such as releasing a prisoner, or finding a job or an exception from the Prime Minister … etc.
That is why it contracted when the two martyrs shouted: “You have come and God has answered you.” Especially since I have much appreciation and love for the man.
The man said emotionally and without introductions: “Sure, I saw that meeting, which was broadcast on the program“ Good Morning ”on the Syrian satellite channel?” Then he polarized his eyebrows as if he was trying to remember something, so I told him as an assistant: “You mean to meet Tuhama Bayqdar, who was working as an anchor in Orient channel!
With the anger shining in his eyes, he said after swallowing his saliva: “I, my brother, are a simple farmer, I know alone, and I do not want to teach the government who is accountable and who is tolerated, but I, as God is a martyr, felt blood coming to my head when I heard this anchor saying that she came to Syria until Provides some of her charitable work for her family and people inside Syria. My crazy uncle tells and sane hear! Is it permissible from God that he is one … “a cynical follower” … she was looking at the Orient channel, the partner in the Syrian bloodshed, coming and looking on the Syrian satellite channel as a Syrian expatriate and businesswoman, and describing her as “one of those who insist on participating in the reconstruction of the country and building mankind”?
Is it reasonable for her to tell us, we are the family of the martyrs, that she wants to improve on us! Is it reasonable for Al-Balad TV to allow the martyrs ’family to be insulted on its screen? Is it reasonable to allow her to participate in a party for the children of the martyrs in the schools of the children of the martyrs whose channel was a partner in the bloodshed of their parents!
I confess that this man’s simple question has confused me so that I have been silent for a while. I said to the father of the two martyrs sympathetically: “I understand your pain, my brother, but the mentioned anchor said that she needed training for a period of time, and I wrote more than one side. The Orient channel was the fastest way, and she absolves herself from that channel’s policy because she“ made sure ”to appear in Economic bulletins only.
The father of the two martyrs twisted his neck and said bitterly, as he moved away: “Is it possible that the revenge for the blood of the martyrs will be like this? Did we sacrifice this for our children? ”
To the father of the two martyrs, I say: Know, my brother, that the state does not retaliate against its mistaken citizens, but rather subjects them to the law, and as it prevents citizens from using violence against some of them, it monopolizes the right to use violence for itself, to punish those who use violence against others. And the pardon of the mighty shem. Abu Ja`far Muhammad al-Muntasir Billah said: “The pleasure of pardon is fresher than the pleasure of healing and the ugliest actions of the Muqtadir are revenge.” The great writer Naguib Mahfouz said: “Tolerance is the greatest level of strength, and love for revenge is the first manifestation of weakness.”
We did not offer all these martyrs free of charge, as you say. Rather, we presented them so that the heedless of the people of our homeland woke up. And when someone wakes up, the credit for this is due to the sacrifices of our martyrs first and foremost.

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The motherland is a painful mother

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