In conjunction with the Syrian Arab Army’s execution of many armed terrorists in the Eastern Badia, the air force intensified its targeting of the villages of Hama and Idlib, and dozens of them were killed and wounded.
In an indication of the magnitude of the defeats suffered by terrorist organizations, they are open to entry and impose royalties on citizens.
In the details, a field source told Al-Watan that the warplanes changed from morning until the hour of preparation of this article on the movements and locations of terrorist groups in Morak, Al-Qa’ida, Kafarzita, Al-Thamna, Latmin, Zakat and Hashraya in the northern countryside of Hama, Others and the destruction of their military equipment.
The source confirmed that the terrorist groups targeted the town of Khattab in the northern countryside of Hama several rocket-propelled grenades, causing fires in fields planted with wheat and barley.
According to the source, the army responded to the sources of fire and threw heavy artillery at the points of the spread of terrorists in Murk, Tamara, Kafarzita, Zakat, al-Qubayn and the fisherman, killing and injuring many of them.
In the meantime, the warplanes targeted the terrorists in Sarmani in the western jungle plain, killing several of them and injuring others seriously, in addition to targeting targets and mechanisms for terrorist groups in Habit, Khan Sheikhun, Arinabah, Tel Asas and Ma’ra al-Nu’man, killing many terrorists Wounded others, and was known from the terrorists dead, nicknamed Abu Mujahid al-Homsi.
As for the situation in the field north of Mahreda, the source confirmed that the center of the hill was a center of intermittent clashes with the terrorists. There was no change in the control map. The terrorists were unable to cause any breach in this front, despite repeated attempts by the army. Weapons of mass destruction and heavy losses of personnel and equipment.
Homs, where a military source in the eastern operations room of the «Al Watan», that the army clashed with gunmen urging the direction of the vicinity of Hamaima and the third station in the Eastern Badia, during which the rhythm of a number of militants of the organization killed and wounded and the destruction of a vehicle for them, When intermittent clashes broke out between another military force of the army and an armed man urging the direction of Mount Al-Bishri without recording any results.
In the meantime, the army targeted eastern Homs countryside with heavy machine guns and heavy artillery movements of the organization’s militants in the vicinity of Hamaima and on the direction of the third station and Mount Ark in Badia El-Sokhna, resulting in direct casualties in the ranks of the organization and causing loss of life and equipment.
For his part, the Syrian warplanes renewed raids on the moving targets of Daish in the vicinity of Badia Sokhna and the direction of the dam Almeizlp up to the area extending to the administrative border shared with the countryside of the province of Deir Al-Zour in the far reaches of eastern Homs, causing confirmed injuries in the ranks of the organization and signed a number of gunmen dead and wounded .
On the other hand, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced yesterday, according to the agency “Anatolia” Turkish news, that “neutralized” 10 gunmen from the “Kurdish People Protection Units” in the Afrin area.
The Turkish regime announced last Sunday that one of its soldiers was killed and five others wounded in an attack by the “People Protection Units” on a military base of the Turkish occupation army in the northwest of the country.
To confirm the financial distress of the terrorist organizations in the northwest of the country, opposition websites, quoting private sources within the so-called “Salvation Government” of the terrorist organization Nasra, reported that the “rescue” imposed a financial sum on all its employees, Instead of bribing, “the best of the employees between the orientation of the fronts and help in the process of education or pay a financial allowance deducted from their salaries, and set the amount of« 5000 »Syrian pounds for each employee, deducted from his monthly salary, for several months.
In a sign of the shortage of terrorist organizations in the north, and the large number of deaths in their ranks, the terrorist organization Al-Azza has also opened the door to what it called the “Abdul Basit al-Sarut camp,” according to opposition websites.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The losses have forced them to open their doors and impose taxes on citizens … The air force and the army destroy terrorists in the villages of Hama, Idlib and the eastern Badia

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