Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in the center of the capital and some southern cities yesterday, renewing calls for the departure of the government, in protests that have so far killed about 100 people. .
Demonstrators gathered in the vicinity of the Ministry of Oil, on the road leading to Tahrir Square, which has become the starting point for the demonstrations to demand electricity and water and the fight against unemployment and corruption, to demand the overthrow of the government.
The website of «Mayadeen», reported that the Iraqi government lifted the curfew yesterday starting at five in the morning, at a time when the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Halbousi met with a number of representatives of the demonstrators, in response to his call, and announced that there is a plan to build 100 thousand housing units to resolve The problem of housing, he felt that the risk of corruption is no less than the threat of terrorism and it jeopardizes the future of Iraq.
At a news conference, Halbousi said: «Allocations will be made to all Iraqi families who do not have a resource from the government, this pledge from the Prime Minister and Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, will be implemented during the budget of 2020».
He added: “Parliament will also work to stabilize all workers in the state, and we are studying a plan to accommodate university graduates according to graduation years.”
In parallel, the Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of a number of people in the ranks of demonstrators who planned to cause chaos, and quoted «Alsumaria News» quoted the commander of Baghdad operations Lieutenant General Jalil al-Rubaie as saying at a press conference: «people were arrested in the ranks of demonstrators carrying bottles He added, “The security forces tried to arrest a sniper who was targeting protesters, but he managed to escape to an unknown destination.”
Rubaie stressed that «security in Baghdad is controlled, and there should be no chaos», calling on the demonstrators to «restraint and protection of state institutions».

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The lifting of the curfew .. The Iraqi parliament discusses the demands of demonstrators … Halbousi: the risk of corruption is no less than the threat of terrorism

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