Terrorist militias affiliated with Turkey joined al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda in adopting the language of escalation in Idlib province and its surrounding countryside, and in the southern countryside of Idlib and northwest Hama, they bombed the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, which in turn responded to the sources of fire and terrorist supply lines.
A field source in the southern countryside of Idlib told Al-Watan that terrorists of the National Liberation Front, which merged with the so-called National Army, pointed their artillery and rockets towards Syrian army positions in the villages of Umm Zaytouna, Al-Khwain, Tal Turki, Tal ‘Aas, Mudaya, Tal al-Nimr and Abdeen. Kfaridoun, al-Hbeit, south of Idlib, and al-Karakat village, northwest of Hama, prompting the Syrian army to respond strongly to the sources of the rocket launches and terrorist sites and strongholds, inflicting heavy casualties and military equipment.
The source said that the Syrian army destroyed three tanks, four troop carriers, five artillery posts and three mortar launchers in the vicinity of Maarat al-Nu’man, Kafrnabal, Hayesh, Hass, Kafr Horma, Sheikh Mustafa, Tahtaya, Taht, and Kafarsjana, using artillery, rockets, warplanes and march supported by the Russian Air Force.
He pointed out that the escalation of terrorists financed militias financed by Turkey, the largest of its kind since Russia unilaterally declared a ceasefire at the end of August, and seeks to highlight the «de-escalation zone» instead of areas east of the Euphrates, which took the regime of Recep Erdogan border Between Tall Abyad and Ras al-Ain, it works to bite off more Syrian territory.
On the other hand, a field source told Al-Watan that the Syrian army responded violently last night to the sources of firing rockets and mortar shells that targeted neighborhoods west of the city, causing the death of a child and wounding more than 10 civilians, and was able to indoctrinate the terrorists, who bombed the city Over the course of 3 days, an adult lesson.
Military experts interviewed by al-Watan considered that the ground clearance of the Syrian army in the southern and southeastern Idlib countryside was only a sign of the resumption of military operations to clear areas occupied by al-Nusra and its associated terrorist organizations, such as the “Haras al-Din” after a cessation of nearly 3 years. In addition to providing a safety margin for the city of Aleppo to expel the terrorists from the contact lines, and fronts west of the city through a military operation well prepared by the Syrian army, and brought additional reinforcements to its fronts, waiting to receive orders from his military command.
Meanwhile, the Turkish occupation army marched yesterday a military patrol between the checkpoints it set up in the southern countryside of Idlib and southeast after the patrol entered the Syrian border at the Kafrlusin crossing north of Idlib, the second patrol in 3 days and the third since the beginning of this month.
In a news story with a lot of questions, the Independent newspaper confirmed that the founder of the White Helmets, former British intelligence officer James Le Missouri, was found dead near his house in the Turkish city of Istanbul, indicating that the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.
Le Missouri’s announcement came a few days after the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed its links to the al-Qaeda terrorist network and its demand that the British government give an explanation for its suspected links to the group.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The killing of a British officer who established «White Helmets» mysterious circumstances in Istanbul … Turkish militias escalate in «de-escalation» and the army responds

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