The People’s Assembly yesterday approved a draft law guaranteeing the establishment of the General Establishment for the Trading, Storage and Processing of Syrian Grain Cereals, which enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence. The Minister is affiliated with the Minister in Hassakeh.
He said MPs in the People’s Assembly that the location of the General Organization for the trade, storage and manufacture of grain «Syrian grain» a political message to the coalition led by Washington, which seeks to divide the country in addition to those seeking federalism, MP Ammar al-Assad said: «There are some claimants in that region have a tendency Separatism and therefore the headquarters of the institution is a political message ».
The head of the economic and energy committee that studied the project, Fares al-Shehabi, said that with the presence of automation and integration, it does not matter at all, stressing that the headquarters of the newly established institution will remain in place. Hasaka because it is a message to NATO, which seeks to divide the country.
In an intervention, he added: After the complete retrieval of Syrian geography we evaluate this experience, and now let us convey the message and reassure our brothers in Hasaka that this institution, which will be managed with a new mentality and automation will be based there.
Before entering into the details of the law approved by the Council, it is necessary to address the issue of prices raised by some MPs under the dome at the end of the session, taking advantage of the presence of the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Atef Nadaf. MP Ali Al-Satouf: What we have reached in the markets is no longer tolerable. Prices started four months ago.
Al-Satouf said that this increase is no longer only a burden on the citizen, but reached the stage that the citizen is no longer bear, pointing out that prices rose in many materials 30 percent, while in vegetables and fruits 200 percent.
Al-Satouf added: “We are beginning to feel pain when we see the citizen buying tomatoes with a grain or two grains, as well as squash and other substances.” He called on the government to contribute even slightly to reducing the living burden.
Al-Satouf pointed out that prices in the positive intervention institutions have become so similar to local markets that the parsley in one of the lounges reached a price of 110 lira.
Fares Jnaidan stressed the need to tighten control of the markets, especially with regard to the local product of cheese, milk, vegetables and meat, considering that prices are very high and there is no supervision.
“We ask the Minister of Internal Trade to tighten the control of diesel traders, where prices have reached 450 pounds and therefore there is a black market.
MP Muhannad Zeid pointed to the issue of hydrocarbons, saying that after the issuance of smart cards became a liter of diesel sold between 500 to 600 pounds, adding: Smart card is good but it legitimized theft in casinos.
His colleague Nabil Saleh addressed the subject of smugglers entering the markets passing through the customs patrols after paying the information and then moving their patrols inside to the small shops of the winery.
Saleh said he hoped «to ease the looting of customs patrols on citizens who are strained by the Ministry of Finance in all tax activity until they see it as a ministry is not friendly.
The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection responded to the interventions of the deputies saying: With regard to the subject of oil derivatives and control, we have in Damascus about 69 observers and to be frank if we put a thousand observers will not be caught all the markets. A reference to the cause of the subject of the culture of complaint and treat the citizen with it.
Al-Nadaf pointed out that there is a control of cases of increase in prices in derivatives and mixing material in addition to theft until it reaches 3 liters for every 20 liters, but it is done after the completion of the subject smart card.
On the subject of prices, Nadaf said that there will be different performance of the Syrian Trade Foundation and achieve its main objective towards positive intervention and at a lower price than the market, which is for meat to open a hall in Damascus and will be circulated to the provinces.
With regard to potato material revealed the import of 5 thousand tons of material and within days will drop the price to 300 pounds after putting the quantity in the halls.
In order to re-establish the institution, the law approved by the Council stipulated that it implements the general policy for the marketing, storage and manufacture of internal grains in the scope of its work to ensure the need for consumption within the country and export surplus, and the practice of foreign trade with respect to grain, mills,
It also stipulates that it conducts internal trade and opens centers for grain marketing, milling, manufacturing, distribution and sale of its products, establishment, development, management, investment, and leasing of silos, silos, mills, warehouses, laboratories, marketing centers, installations and buildings, storage of grains and their derivatives and processing them in silos and related facilities. Or for the account of others.
It also holds the necessary internal and external agreements and contracts in order to achieve its objectives, determine grain specifications, develop the necessary studies for its development, and improve the products of the flour and bulghur industry.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The integration of institutions in the «Syrian grain» .. And MPs: keeping it in Hasaka political message … Minister of Supply: If we put a thousand observers of what has been seized all the markets

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