Yesterday, in a dramatic move, the Nasserist Front prevented the Turkish army from patrolling the “demilitarized zone” under the pretext that the area was “unsafe” and that no patrols could be conducted there without prior permission and exclusively under its guard.
The former “victory” with the Turkish army was a cloned scenario of scenarios implemented by Washington and its tools in the Baguoz to perpetuate the idea of ​​impotence in the face of any progress in the face of a “push” there. According to observers, Turkey seems to be working hard to suggest the ability of the terrorist organization to apply What is needed north, and impede the possibility of Ankara’s implementation of its commitments in Sochi, in a scene known to the signs and objectives, and is not only a green light from Ankara or even Washington.
An opposition source close to the National Liberation Front (FNL), the largest Turkish militia in Idlib, told al-Watan that the “victory” prevented the “Sham Corps”, a national liberation militia, from escorting the Turkish patrols within the “demilitarized” To agree with them, given that the security of the entire area under its control return to them, and it is only to decide the order of any patrols to monitor or accompany!
The sources added that the “victory”, told the Turkish military observation points, which are deployed in the vicinity of the province of Idlib and neighboring villages, that the Turkish army can patrol patrols between those points only, as happened last Friday southeast of Idlib, and not spread throughout or within « Demilitarized. “
She pointed out that the «victory» considers that the conduct of Turkish patrols in the “demilitarized” justify the conduct of Russian patrols in the vicinity of the region to maintain the cessation of escalation and the completion of the application of the rest of the terms of the Russian-Turkish agreement, which is rejected by the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda in toto.
The sources said: The Turkish reaction was dull, has not yet crystallized, but it is likely to continue calm and contain the situation, at least during the next few days.
She pointed out that the “Liberation of the Sham” finds in continuing its violations towards the safe areas and points of the Syrian Arab Army, in justification of its “legitimacy”, before the terrorist organizations allied to them such as “Caucasus armies” and “guards of religion” which refuses to abandon them in response to Russian demands.
On the parallel level, the coordination of terrorists from a source described as «private» saying: The meeting between Russian officers and other Turks held last Sunday, at the Turkish base located around the city of Izzaz in the countryside of Aleppo in the north to discuss the fate of the city of Tel Rifaat, International Cooperation.
This comes at a time when media sources reported that the “intensive missile and artillery shelling” by the Syrian army forces, continue on the sites of terrorists in the city of Khan Sheikun and the towns of Alkhwain and Altmtahp and the hares of the town of Habit and Qasabiya in the southern sector of Idlib, and other sites in the village of Albweida In the northern countryside of Hama within the “demilitarized zone”, and their positions also in the towns of Kfar Zeita and Kfar-Nuba, northern and northern North Hama.
On a parallel line, the army targeted the terrorist sites in the towns of Najiya and Badama, and their locations in the Kurdish Mountain, Turdine and Blacksmiths in the northern Latakia countryside, in response to the targeting of the terrorist organizations located in the Lattakia countryside.
Opposition websites have acknowledged the killing and wounding of four gunmen of the National Liberation Front (FNL) militia formed by the Turkish regime from its northern mercenaries.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The front of the victory “prevents” the Turkish army from conducting its patrols in the “demilitarized”! … «Tel Refa’at» return to the interface of trade and the army continues to address violations in the countryside of Hama and Idleb

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