The joint head of the constitutional committee and head of the delegation supported by the Syrian government in the committee, Ahmed al-Kuzbari, stressed that Syria is an existing state with a constitution in force and will remain in force until the people decide to approve its amendment or a new constitution.
Al-Kuzbari’s remarks came at the end of the third day of the mini-committee in Geneva yesterday, which held two working sessions with a break in accordance with the approved program of work.
Al-Watan learned from private sources that the opposition delegation caved in during the sessions of the mini-constitutional committee the day before yesterday for the ideas presented by the government-backed delegation. The sources said that the committee’s work was described as “good” because it happened “as the national delegation wanted.” During sessions.
During a meeting in Geneva on the Syrian Channel, the Joint Chairman of the Constitutional Committee and the head of the government-backed delegation, Ahmed Al-Kuzbari, stressed that nothing has happened since the beginning of the meetings of the mini-committee, stressing that no one has imposed anything on the government-backed party. The real thing is disruption, and what is being discussed today are issues related to the Constitution, and this is very important and needs to consider and time and this does not mean disruption, and when the other party talks about the disruption, it means the intention of them to disrupt.
Al-Kuzbari pointed out that the constitution is a unified, indivisible and interdependent bloc. It is not possible to divide the work of the mini-committee into committees. For example, as well as the reference to the occupation, and this is essentially linked to Article I of the Constitution, which is to preserve the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, there is the text of the Constitution and there is the spirit of the Constitution.
Al-Kuzbari stressed that there are national constants that cannot be relinquished. , It thinks this way is mistaken.
Al-Kuzbari pointed out that the national delegation expressed the hope that the next meeting will be in Damascus, and this idea was taken by a number of other delegations and put forward and expressed the same desire, stressing that the UN envoy is not Pederson has no role in this matter, and his role is facilitated and therefore if he decides The members of the committee transfer the meetings to Damascus, he will necessarily transfer these meetings to Damascus, and implement the desire of members, explaining that the subject of transferring meetings to it is possible.
In a special interview with «Al Watan» from Geneva, and in response to a question about the prohibitions that are prohibited in the next Constitution, a member of the small constitutional committee for the national delegation Ashwaq Abbas: «We are talking about a discussion in the current constitution, although there is any proposal to develop materials In it the interest of the Syrian people and reflected positively on it is good, “she added:« We are open even to go to develop a proposal for a new constitution », and continued:« First to discuss any ideas that can be developed ».
In a special statement to Al-Watan from Geneva, member of the mini-committee of the civil society delegation Issam Al-Zeebak stressed that we must wait for the coming days to see what will emerge from behind the scenes other than the apparent conversations that are now announced by the other party.
For her part, the delegation member of the civil society, Mays Kraidi revealed that there are very few members of the opposition delegation and their followers in the civil society delegation, who agree with the national delegation’s proposals on the subject of terrorism.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The end of the three-day «mini» .. Abbas: we discuss any ideas that can be developed … Alkzbri: Syria is a state and its constitution is in force as long as the people did not amend it and mistaken who thinks he is coming to build a state

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