Washington has been waiting for the Bahrain conference, which is to pass the so-called “deal of the century” suspicious, which includes conspiring on the Palestinian issue and the occupied Syrian Arab Golan, falsifying facts and history, by talking about archaeological discoveries in the territory of the latter claimed to indicate the historical existence of the sons of ” In the region.
According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, the director of the excavations at Beit Saida from the University of Nebraska, Rami Araf, announced the discovery of a gate from the reign of King David in Beit Sidon in the occupied Golan, claiming that King David may not have been The only king in the region in his time, in addition to finding jewelry in the place of discovery.
Some of them believe that their location in the Galilee and others in the occupied Golan indicate that Beit Sidon is of great historical significance and has been mentioned many times in the Bible. The identification of its real location has helped the Sea of ​​Galilee, Or the Sea of ​​Galilee) was not in the place that is now in the time of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, probably caused by a major earthquake that occurred in 363 AD.
According to the new maps of the current day, the house of Sidon was once located directly on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, according to a fortune teller.
It is alleged that the history of the gate discovered dates back to the reign of King David, who historians believe was the rule of land between the eleventh and tenth centuries BC, the second king of the sons of “Israel”, and was discovered on a rocky hill overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee.
The Jerusalem Post claimed that this is not the first such discovery. They found another gate last year near the same area.
He claimed that the new gate, which was found much earlier than the first, and changed the perceptions of scientists about the House of Saida and the Kingdom of David.
According to Araaf, the “researchers” believe that King David may not have been the only ruler of his time, but instead he was likely to be the leader of a large tribe of the “Israelites” in the region, and that the ruins around the gate indicate that since three thousand In general, Beit Sidon may not have been part of the “Kingdom of Israel”; it was an Aramaic kingdom.
He said that the researchers found on a stone engraved with a drawing of the god of Arami in the form of a bull dating back to the eleventh century BC, and the portal reveals that the city was once a well protected urban center.
In the past year, researchers discovered the floor of the Roman temple built by the son of the Roman Emperor Herds the Great Philip II In the first century AD, which was dedicated to Julia, the daughter of Roman Emperor Augustus.
Archaeologists also found jewelry and coins, dating back to 35 BC.
“The results of the excavations in Beit Sidon have an impact on the understanding of biblical archeology and help to establish the biblical line of history,” Araf said. “The results are important both in terms of the New Testament and the Old Testament in the Bible.”

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The conference of Manama to pass the «deal of the century» … Washington falsifies the history of the occupied Golan in favor of the entity «Israeli»

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