The city of Raqqa, under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, has become a “disaster” city in the absence of the rule of law, widespread indiscriminate killing and counter-retaliation on a daily basis, and the use of “cruel” weapons by the Syrian “law of the jungle”.
“The indiscriminate killing of Raqqa and the rule of the law of the jungle has made it as popular as the Shami,” the agency said in a report.
It said that a patrol of al-Asaish forces, the security arm of Qusd, killed a young man, Saddam Fawaz al-Kulaib, from the 25-year-old Al-Wahab clan, for no apparent reason. The killing was followed by heavy gunfire And the sound of explosions in the neighborhoods of the city.
After the death of the young man, his relatives attacked a patrol of «Ksad» and clashed with the gunmen and stabbed one of them, to be transferred to the hospital, followed by a relative of the dead man by the militants patrol to the hospital, and prepare him.
Sputnik confirmed that the head of the Asayish outpost in the village of Al-Kalta north of Raqqa was also killed last Tuesday as a result of a grenade explosion during his tampering with it.
She explained that one of the gunmen «Ksd» Ghanem Al-Zaiter killed his companion from the clan «spare» because of a recent quarrel, while the two were killed Hassan Farih, a member of the intelligence of «Ksid» unknown near the offices of cars on the roundabout Hazema.
The agency said that a clash occurred three days ago between gunmen from «Qsd» after the request for a ID card at one of their barriers at the farm of Ghassaniya east of Raqqa, one of its gunmen sustained serious injuries.
She stressed that many of these problems occur daily in the city of Raqqa because more than half of the militants «Qd» of the news of the province were militants of the militia «Free Army» before moving to the organization of the “Front of victory” terrorist, and then to the organization calling the terrorist.
She explained that this is the cause of the permanent differences between the components of «Qd» and the emergence of the features of the impossibility and recklessness in the use of weapons.
In mid-October of 2017, Qusd took control of the city of Al-Rigga after the alleged Washington-led “International Alliance”, a supporter of Qusd, signed a deal with a preacher who ruled that the latter would leave without a fight to Deir al-Zour to fight the Syrian Arab Army.
Since mid-January, Arab tribes have raged in the southwestern countryside of Raqqa against Qusad and burned their headquarters and the headquarters of the US occupying forces after their expulsion from the region after Qusad killed a young man and stabbed three other tribesmen.

According to the agency, «Qsd» paid the forces «Asayish» and armed from the so-called «Awais Al-Qarni» who fought within the ranks of the “free” and the Federations and returned by the US occupation forces merged into the ranks of «Qd», to harass the sons of tenderness of the Arab tribes, Surrounding the western countryside of the city and the arrest of more than 1500 members of these tribes, most of them subjected to brutal torture.
Since then, the popular resistance against Qusd and its tools has taken a new turn in the repeated bombings, while Qusd followed the policy of arrest, killing and torture itself, which was carried out by the “Nasra” organization and the terrorists.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The chaos and indiscriminate killing are threatening the city … «« Qdd »applied« law of the jungle »in the tenderness

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