In a new ball, the certainty that the Syrian Arab army will expel terrorism from Syria has been severed. Its units once again took control of the town of Kfar Nebouda in the north-western suburb of Hama after clashes in which many terrorists were killed and others captured after breaking the backbone of the “Victory Front” Turkish after his sacrifice.
Under intense gunfire from the air force and artillery, the army took full control of the town of Kfar Nebouda in the north-western countryside of Hama after fierce clashes with terrorists who carried the insignia of the terrorist Nasser Front and its allies in the eastern part of the town. The army was killed and wounded by many terrorists. He survived with his fist captured.
A field source told al-Watan that army units and paramilitary forces operating in the north-western Hama villages destroyed during the advance of Kufr Nabooda and Okara weapons of the Nasra militants in their surroundings before they took full control over them and declared them a region free of terrorism.
The source confirmed that the army and the paramilitary forces captured three terrorist groups from the so-called “Army of Glory” and continued their advance towards the town of Habait, after a heavy artillery and missile attack targeting the army and fortifying the terrorists in the town and the nearby village of Abidin.
In the meantime, the “Front of Victory”, faced by the current «Sham Liberation», recognized the disastrous and devastating effects of the battle of Kafr Nabouda, the killing of more than 200 non-Syrian terrorists who are the backbone of its offensive power.
Opposition media sources close to al-Nasra told al-Watan that the decision to attack Kafr Naabouda was not correct. The Turkish operator, who wanted to sacrifice its foreign terrorists who were at the forefront of the intruders, especially the Angmans, Militarily.
The sources acknowledged the high human cost of recovering the town and the cost of withdrawing from it under heavy shelling and attack of the army, adding that the tactic of “victory” with the loss of the first Kfrbnouda focused on the construction of new lines of defense from Idlib in its southern countryside after losing the first lines of defense in the northern countryside of Hama in Kfarabuda and his town But Turkey’s insistence on improving conditions for negotiations with Russia within the framework of the “demilitarized zone” agreement has pushed the “victory” and the terrorist organizations and militias of Ankara into the battle to restore the town and reach the strait regardless of the high risks.
The sources vowed to the military leaders in the «Nasra» to hold the Turkish regime accountable for the humiliation, shame and loss of prestige and the elite of foreign terrorists, and said: We will not forgive Turkey, but we are forced to deal with.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The capture of three groups of «Army of pride» .. «Nasra»: breaking our spine and will not forgive Turkey! … the army is crushing the terrorists and reclaiming the village of Nebouda again and heading towards the Hibit

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