Today, from 6:00 pm, the army team is waiting for an important and difficult match against their host Jordanian units at the top of Group A of the AFC Champions League.
As a result of the meeting will determine significantly the leaders of the group and qualified to the second round, and aspire to the owners of the ground to win to regain the lead and relegated to consider their loss from one goal to another, while the army is fighting with the determination of the strongest to continue to lead by winning or draw.
The victory of the army puts him at the absolute top, and if achieved, the team cuts more than two-thirds of the way to qualify as the units is the strongest and weight among the teams of the group and will be away by four points. The draw is good, and the army remains a leader, but it is forced not to lose or draw in their next matches with the Jerusalem crescent and the Lebanese star.
The loss (God forbid) gives the units priority and makes us wait for the other results in the hope that it will be obstructed in any match either with the star or the Crescent of Jerusalem, and this may weaken the march of the army in the lead, hence the option imposed on the army is to return from Amman Stadium without loss , Winning better than a draw because it gives the team a good margin of psychological comfort.

Two coaches
The two teams are now completely exposed, and the match is a direct confrontation between Army coach Tarek Al-Juban and unit coach Amer Dheeb to know who has read the second better, so it will be a complete challenge for our young coach to give his best and serve himself well, especially since he has more than 20 internationals in his resume. As assistant coach of the national team.
We are optimistic about the ability of the coward to lead the game distinctly taking into consideration the large crowd that will attend the game supporting the units, the first game played by the army in the Asian Championship in front of a large crowd will have an impact, whether for the benefit of his team or against our team, and may put pressure on the rulers and this And we think that our representative used to face such masses and bear pressure and clamor, and I do not think that the public units will outperform the public unity and the unity of the Union and the number and vocal and encouraging.

Technical image
The Jordanian team occupies fourth place with 35 points behind Jordan 37, Al-Jazeera 40 and Al-Faisaly 44, knowing that they played less games than these teams.
And the last game played last Thursday won on the island with a single goal, and includes units in the ranks of the league top scorer Baha Faisal with 11 goals and the dangerous striker Hamza Aldardor, also includes the distinguished goalkeeper Abdullah Fakhouri and a good group in the defense and the center as Said Marjan and Saleh Rateb and Hassan Abdul Fattah and Adham Al Qurashi and weigh Snowy and Omar Kandil.
In the final statement of coach Amer Deeb announced his full readiness and compensation for the loss of going and asked his fans to help and support and attendance heavily to the stadium to support his team.
The army team between the two matches played two matches in the league, lost the first to the league in Aleppo, zero / 1 and played in the minus ranks and won the second on Al Karama 7/0 In a match that was like a perfect training for the army, the army lineup is clear and well-known and harmonious and balanced and many options And many margins in which to choose the right style of play.
In the goal guard Ahmed Madanah and Shaher Al-Shaker are recognized and possess the required international experience. In the rear lines are Fares Arnaout, Shuaib, Yousef Al Hamwi, Hussam Bawadjji, Abdul Malik Anizan, Captain Ezz El Din Awad, Ahmed Al Ashkar, Mohamed Anz, Mo’men Naji and Mohamed El Abbadi. .
Caution is required and a balanced defensive style must be the form of the leader with the reliance on lightning attacks led by Al Waked, that the Mustafa occupies areas of the penalty area makes the defense of the units scattered between them, also a successful remote payment must be the goal of the team, and the army more than a player is able to pay.
This is because it puts the Jordanian team under pressure and makes mistakes. It may allow the attack by Jishawi, who invests the spaces in the middle of the pitch, and does not commit mistakes inside the penalty area, which costs us a penalty and does not commit personal mistakes that are not justified. Yellow cards, maybe one red make match and unequal.

Break the crisis
The AFC has agreed to hold the Jerusalem games with the Lebanese team Najma and the army in neutral stadiums for the inability of the two teams to reach the occupied territory. The AFC statement said it was decided to transfer the two star matches with the Crescent of Jerusalem and the army team to neutral stadiums.
The army and the star refused to play in occupied Palestine, and the Lebanese team threatened to withdraw from the Asian championship if the AFC insisted on its position in solidarity with the army and star teams.
The star is scheduled to play with Hilal Al-Quds in Qatar on May 3 and 6.

Group results
The army tied with the Crescent of Jerusalem 1/1 and won the star and the units 1 / zero won the units on the star 1 / zero and the Crescent of Jerusalem 6/2, and top ranking army team seven points, then the units six points and the Crescent Jerusalem with one point and the Lebanese star without a balance.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

The army in a decisive game with Jordanian units … Winning puts the leader in the lead and the loss weakens the hopes

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