Syrian Ambassador to Iraq, Sattam Jadaan Al-Dandah, discussed with the head of the Iraqi border outlets, Kazem Al-Oqabi, yesterday in Baghdad the ways to accelerate the reopening of the Albukamal-Qaim border crossing between the two countries.
Ambassador Al-Dandah said during the meeting, according to SANA news agency, Syria has accomplished all the logistical requirements to open the crossing and restore life to this important economic and commercial artery between the two countries.
In turn, Al-Oqabi reviewed the process of preparing the crossing from the Iraqi side, stressing the interest of the Iraqi government to expedite the opening of the crossing very soon to activate the movement of people and goods between the two brotherly countries.
A day before these talks, Al-Mayadeen TV quoted a Syrian security source as saying that the Israeli enemy targeted a camp under construction for the Syrian army and its allies to house the soldiers away from civilian houses in al-Bukamal area in Deir Ezzor, without causing casualties contrary to what the enemy promoted. He pointed out that the enemy used Jordanian airspace with the help of Americans from their military base in the area of ​​Al-Tanf.
The security source blamed the United States and Israel for the acts of aggression, and stressed that they crossed the red lines in this region, and said: «The aggressors in this region will never secure and will be held accountable by free peoples and teach them the lesson they will not forget when repeated attacks».
Earlier in the day, an Iraqi security source in the border guards, revealed that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces in the Albukamal area, an air attack, the source said in a statement quoted by the website «Russia Today»: Has Iraqi factions, may delay the opening of the crossing «Albukamal-Qaim», on the border between Syria and Iraq, which was scheduled to open (today) Tuesday. The source added: «No official date has been set so far for the new opening, and it remained until further notice».
Yesterday, a customs official in Damascus revealed to Al-Watan the readiness of the Albukamal crossing to operate at any moment.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Syrian-Iraqi talks to accelerate the reopening of the crossing «Albukamal – Qaim»

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