Minister of Education Imad Al-Azab announced yesterday the results of the high school diploma in its literary, scientific, secondary, legal and professional branches and its female, industrial and commercial branches for the first 2019 session on the website of the Ministry of Education.
Al-Azab said in a statement to Al-Watan that the issuance of the results without specifying a date in advance and suddenly comes within the framework of changing the typical form that was the ministry’s past, as the previous method was causing a kind of pressure and tension for students and their families. As it was when the announcement of the date in advance, we find millions in Syria and abroad are seeking to enter the site and this led to the collapse of the site more than once today, we find that the process of entry will be smooth gradually, and continued: We liked that there is a more popular way to announce the results away On the official character.
“This year’s success rate is higher than last year, although the test process was more than it was last year,” he said. “This is a good indicator.”
In an earlier statement yesterday, Al-Azab explained that the number of applicants reached in the scientific branch 119148 students, including 70623 students, success rate of 59.27 percent, an increase of 1.5 percent from last year, adding: The number of applicants in the literary section 71095 students, including 29387 students With a success rate of 41.33%, and the number of applicants for secondary secondary legitimacy 2055 students, including 1264 students with a success rate of 61.51%.
The number of female vocational high school graduates reached 2676, of which 1787 succeeded, with 66.78% success. In the industrial vocational high school, the number of applicants reached 13787, of which 6762 succeeded, with a success rate of 49.5%. percent.
Al-Azab announced the names of the first in the scientific branch, namely Qais Jarbou from Al-Suwayda 2896, Nour Hassan Haj Sadiq from Damascus 2895, Fahad Maher Jammul from Sweida 2895, Sara Karam Al-Halabi from Sweida 2895, Maryam Firas Sabbagh from Hama 2895, Muhammad Nadim Laila from Tartus 2894, Bakri Abdul Jalil Omar from Aleppo 2894, Ram Anan Laikah from Lattakia 2894, Tasnim Hussein Ibrahim from Lattakia 2894, Raghad Walid Akeb from Damascus 2893, Yael Ahmed Issa from Homs 2893.
Zara Muhammad Jamal from Lattakia 2719, Zeina Abdullah Awad from Hama 2715, and won the first rank in the legal secondary Ghani Mohammad Ziad Sharabji from Damascus 4401, and in the secondary school of women Sandy Mohammed Fayez Osman from Damascus 4202, and in the industrial high school Alaa Eddin Ahmed Al Zamil from Damascus 4476, and in the commercial secondary Radwan Adnan Ramadan from Lattakia 4527.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Success 41.33% for the literary and 59.27% ​​for the scientific … Al-Azab for Al-Watan: We announced the results in a more popular and non-stereotypical … Suweida ranked first in the scientific and literary branches

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