The Attorney-General in the province of Hama Judge Jihad Murad and the provincial police chief, Major General Khalid Hilal, that President Bashar al-Assad issued a special amnesty for prisoners from the prison of Hama Central, according to the agency «Sputnik» Russian, which said that under the amnesty «release» 106 prisoners “After the amendment of their provisions” and will join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army «within a month maximum».
The Syrian news agency «Sputnik» news: The authorities in Syria released yesterday morning, about 46 inmates of Hama central prison, and quoted the police chief Hama: «The release of this batch of prisoners came a presidential pardon issued by President Assad».
Hilal explained that the amnesty is a continuation of the process of national reconciliation and reconciliation, pointing out that the released prisoners will return to their families and their families to participate in defending their homeland and interests because Syria is the homeland of everyone and it is their duty to protect them.
He said Hilal that “the prison of Hama will return to normal nature today and will be applied to the prison systems after a stage of chaos, which has been put an end to it today,” according to the agency quoted him.
He added: “Today, the prison will return as a care and rehabilitation center for all its guests. All workshops on the education of prisoners will be activated in professions and trades in preparation for their return to society as effective members after the expiry of their sentences.”
Mourad also said that “the honorable presidential pardon crowns the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army along the territory of the homeland that tolerates its children.” He pointed out that “the release of a number of detainees reflects President Assad’s view of them as citizens who lost their way and must return to Right. “
And Murad, that the release of detainees comes with the aim of returning as good activists in the community, noting that the deceased pledged to be loyal soldiers in the defense of the homeland and sovereignty.
The agency also quoted unofficial sources as saying that those who have been settled under the presidential amnesty will be subject to compulsory service or reserve service in the Syrian Arab Army within a maximum of one month from the date of their release to participate in the defense of Syria in the face of terrorism.
According to the agency, the number of prisoners covered by presidential pardon «106, some of them were released days before the amendment of previous provisions issued against them, while yesterday was released the last batch of them, 46».
According to the agency, President al-Assad issued a special amnesty to carry the number 82 on the seventh of this month, which was the release of 38 prisoners from Hama prison in three batches during the period between 10 and 14 March, after the “Military Court I and II” and The Anti-Terrorist Court, has amended provisions previously issued against 106 prisoners.
The amendments also included the commutation of the death penalty to life imprisonment for 7 prisoners and temporary sentences with hard labor for three others.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Sputnik reported that 106 prisoners had been “released” after their sentences had been amended … Hama officials: President al-Assad pardons prisoners in central

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