Silence is always a virtue, but never in a crisis does it express any virtue, especially if these crises are stressful and affect the lives of all.
Any approach to the high dollar and low lira that does not take into account everything that is going on in the region is not fair, nor is any approach to this topic as an inevitable fate as well.
Anyone who thinks that the government is responsible for everything in this matter is not fair, but whoever exonerates the government or any government from managing people’s problems is nothing but a trumpet !?
Governments have only existed to solve the problems of their citizens. It makes no sense now to remain silent and not to address people to the facts, even if these facts are painful and can be very painful.
One aspect that officials fear from public statements is that they are often criticized and hurtful.The citizen is not required to be aware of the issues of politics, economics and sociology.He simply wants his basic needs in the easiest way, but in fact that is not what he gets.
Popular understanding never comes from silence, but when the citizen believes that his officials do not talk to him about the promises at least to solve his problems or reassure him for the coming days, he explains this in several interpretations, the least of which is that they are not interested in his problems and the worst that they are unable to solve his crises.
In both cases this will not be true, a message that should not be received by a citizen of his government.
It is also unfortunate that promises made by officials over extended periods of several years, whether these promises start what officials express «improve the standard of living of the citizen» or to reduce prices or reduce the dollar, or the availability of goods .. or .. or ..
Many promises were made to the citizen, but he always found that the opposite was happening.
It is also fair to say that the government alone does not take responsibility for managing the crises and the dollar crisis in particular has to do with Syrian businessmen, and also many citizens who went with their money to Lebanese and non-Lebanese banks, despite the direct warnings reached to businessmen that Lebanon is on the verge of a financial crisis. Difficult is that none of them took the initiative to withdraw his money, and the argument that the Syrian banks are not safe, reservation is possible at any moment and for any reason and the returns are not rewarding and other what is said and is not said.
Well now we are in a crisis .. Is there no solution ?!
There can never be a saying, and there is a set of ideas circulated by economists and experts who have the prestige to put forward these ideas. The ruler and other economic officials must choose and discuss or offer their appropriate solution, at least that is their responsibility.
The Central Bank’s latest economic report speaks of the “stability” of the exchange rate and of an economy
America, Russia and Egypt ..!
Silence is not a solution .. And the tongue of the citizen says to officials and businessmen: We are fine reassure us about you!

– The best bitter truth about the sweet lie The truth heals the harm caused.
– Silence is a bunch of conversations many do not know the tongue how to pronounce it together.
– Silent stammer talkative between the elements do not master speech.
– When I can not deal with the crises I encounter, I let them address themselves.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

Silent Crisis Management – Al Watan Newspaper

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