Presidential Political and Media Advisor Buthaina Shaaban said that the announcement of the ceasefire that took place in the north was not the first of its kind, describing this procedure as routine in an ongoing battle, and pointed out that every action taken by the army, including the ceasefire, is to serve a major strategy The battle for the liberation of Idlib continues, and every inch of Syrian territory continues, reminding us that the cease-fire is temporary, a military tactic used by the army for the reasons it knows and which serve its objectives.
In an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, Al-Mayadeen stressed that coordination between the Syrian-Russian leadership is continuous and permanent. “ The Russian statement shows that the battle continues, and that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria is the strategic objective that Syria and Russia seek to achieve, ” he said.
Shaaban stressed that the Turks do not believe, and what Syria is taking, including the cease-fire, is in the interest of a battle waged, and has nothing to do with any Russian-Turkish understandings, but in accordance with the interest of the field, and according to the strategic objective served by successive chapters of the battle.
Regarding Erdogan’s recent statements that he has no ambitions in neighboring countries, Shaaban stressed that his remarks are in complete contradiction with his actions, and his internal situation seems to push him to make confusing statements, stressing that Erdogan has ambitions in Syria and Iraq, and has a long hand in this war on Syria, and crimes Committed against the Syrian people, and has absolute coordination with the terrorists and he has not committed neither to Astana nor to the de-escalation zone.
Shaaban stressed that the Turkish army will leave Syria forcing Turkey to want or not, because the Syrian people and army will liberate Syria from the Turkish and American army and terrorists, and the decision is not in Ankara’s hands but the decision of the Syrians, and only those who will liberate their land.
Regarding the “safe area,” Shaaban considered that Turkey and Washington have no right to talk about any “safe area” because this is an aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, stressing that Syria will not allow any agreement to remain on its territory, and this from the perspective of the strategic vision of Syria, that it must From liberating every inch of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, sending a message to US collaborators, to see how Americans treat their tools in the region, reminding them that Washington always gives up its tools, especially when you see how these tools betray its country, advising them to be honest Syrian citizens. , And to be with their country and me Against him, because the Syrian Arab Republic will remain a unified state.

Translated from Alwatan News Syria

She considered that the “cease-fire” is a routine measure in an ongoing battle .. and that the Turki will leave wanted or not … Shaaban: Syria will be liberated from the American, Turkish and terrorists and will remain united

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